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Deep Below Park Avenue, a 200-Ton Drill at Rest -
"In an official ceremony this week, the cutter will be sealed off by a concrete wall; the chamber will then be filled with concrete, encasing the cutter in a solid cast, Han Solo-style, so that it can serve as a support structure for the tunnel. A plaque will commemorate the site. A spokesman said the pouring of the concrete was expected to take place on Wednesday." When we abandon the robots, we should give them funerals.
robots  funerals  memorial  newyork  tunnels  digging  excavation 
july 2011 by infovore
Walking in Holden's Footsteps - Interactive Map -
"Trace Holden Caulfield's perambulations around Manhattan in "The Catcher in the Rye" to places like the Edmont Hotel, where Holden had an awkward encounter with Sunny the hooker; the lake in Central Park, where he wondered about the ducks in winter; and the clock at the Biltmore, where he waited for his date." Lovely.
visualisation  geo  jdsalinger  catcherintherye  newyork  manhattan  map  literature 
january 2010 by infovore
BLDGBLOG: NYNEX, Embedded Angel of New York City
"...halfway through the film, the Ghostbusters realize that NYNEX isn't a phone system at all: it's the embedded nervous system of an angel – a fallen angel – and all those phone calls and dial-up modems in college dorm rooms and public pay phones are actually connected into the fiber-optic anatomy of a vast, ethereal organism that preceded the architectural build-up of Manhattan. Manhattan came afterwards, that is: NYNEX was here first." There is no way this wouldn't be awesome. And: a great write-up from Geoff.
bldgblog  ghostbusters  architecture  tubes  infrastructure  city  newyork  telephones  networks 
june 2009 by infovore
Here and There
"Because the ability to be in a city and to see through it is a superpower, and it's how maps should work." The maps of New York Jack's been working on for a while are now available to buy. Having seen them in the flesh, I can tell you they're properly beautiful.
maps  art  design  schulzeandwebb  projection  nyc  newyork 
may 2009 by infovore
The Lost Tribes of New York City on Vimeo
Lovely: Creature Comforts meets "Hey There Little Fella". Totally charming.
video  nyc  anthropology  newyork  animation  stopmotion  interview 
april 2009 by infovore
Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things
"We are defined by what we build. It’s not just the engineering ambition that designed these structures, nor the 20 people who died building the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s that we believe we can and decide to act." This is good.
history  making  newyork  engineering  construction  building  inspiration 
march 2009 by infovore
Foodie at Fifteen (now 16): Per Se (2)
"It was September 29th; exactly two months from the Saturday of Thanksgiving break and one of the few times I would be able to make the trek up to New York to dine at Per Se. I would have to call to make the reservation at Per Se at exactly 10 A.M today if I had any hope of getting that Saturday reservation. The only problem? I had school." Some lovely writing from a young foodie on securing a reservation at Per Se, and what happened when he went. And, of course, what he ate.
writing  food  cooking  blogs  perse  newyork  thomaskeller 
january 2009 by infovore

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