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The Guardian iPad edition design evolution | Media |
Lovely behind-the-scenes on how the Guardian iPod app slowly evolved.
design  ipad  guardian  newspaper  layout 
october 2011 by infovore
Databases, Lists, Maps, Rankings - Index - Data Desk - Los Angeles Times
"Maps, databases and other resources that help you dig deeper." A shame the raw data isn't available, but great they're collating this stuff and seeing it as another channel of news they provide.
data  visualisation  resource  latimes  newspaper  journalism  stats 
november 2008 by infovore
TimesMachine - New York Times
"TimesMachine can take you back to any issue [of the NYT between 1851 and 1922]". Some lovely flourishes in the interface, and some remarkable content, as you might expect.
newspaper  newyorktimes  interface  interaction  design  publishing  journalism  history 
february 2008 by infovore Daily Log: The Times (UK) Spamming Social Media Sites
"Yesterday, I discovered that The Times (UK), a well-respected newspaper owned by News Corp., is involved in an extensive campaign to spam social media websites with links to articles." Andy Baio on the Times' involvement with SEO.
seo  journalism  online  web  newspaper  marketing  thetimes  times 
january 2008 by infovore
Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site - New York Times
"...indirect readers, unable to get access to articles behind the pay wall and less likely to pay subscription fees than the more loyal direct users..." - you don't say?
paywall  business  advertising  online  newmedia  newspaper  newyorktimes  publishing  journalism 
september 2007 by infovore
SPECIAL: "Winning Online" -- A Manifesto
"Newspapers must win online, or face a future of painful contraction." Need to read this at some point.
newspaper  online  publishing  toread 
october 2006 by infovore
Design View : Andy Rutledge - Online Newspapers Are 99% Bad
(From a design perspective, but, to be honest, it impacts on everything).
publishing  newspaper  news  online  design  web  usability 
october 2006 by infovore
Newspaper 2.0: The Blog Revolution
In part, on the NYT redesign. Newspaper sites becoming more bloglike, etc
newspaper  design  newyorktimes  weblogs  rss  journalism  newmedia 
january 2005 by infovore

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