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how to do nothing – Jenny Odell – Medium
I finally sat down with this, after it being in my to-read pile for ages. It was entirely worth it. I particularly liked the parts about the natures of silence, and about animal sentience, and about maintenance and regeneration as a natural state. It is worth every minute of however long it takes you to read it, be it the 44 minutes Medium estimate, or a bit more, or a bit less.
jennyodell  art  sentience  silence  nature  regeneration  cognition  eyeo 
august 2017 by infovore
In Search of Post-Brexit England, and Swans - The New York Times
Finally got around to finishing this, and so glad I did. Thoughtful, gentle prose from the excellent Helen Macdonald.
nature  england  nationalism  brexit  culture  art  stanleyspencer  swans 
february 2017 by infovore
Helen Macdonald: the six books that made me | Books | The Guardian
"Some of the best field naturalists I know grew up in working-class rural communities, skipping school like Billy Casper to practise forms of natural history that bent or broke the law: they ferreted rabbits, collected eggs, broke into quarries, kept pigeons, reared finches, climbed fences to poach for fish. Today they can still spot a linnet’s nest in a furze bush at 50 paces and possess fieldcraft skills that would put many a birder to shame. There’s little room for them in today’s culture of nature appreciation and even less so in nature writing, which tends to entrench a sense that the correct relation to the landscape is through walking and distanced looking." From the section on 'Landscape and Englishness', which sounds excellent.
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january 2015 by infovore
A Whole Lotta Nothing: Holy shitballs
"The morning light was great, the surface was still and there were great reflections and the deep blue water was a deep blue unlike anything I'd seen before. I was in awe. I still am. Sometimes nature is so incredible you left with nothing to say but "Holy shitballs"." Strong truth.
awe  earth  nature  lakes  oregon  geography 
august 2009 by infovore
russell davies: blog all dog-eared pages: notes from walnut tree farm
"The Whole Earth Catalogue, our bible as self-builders of our residences in the hippie-ish days of the 1970s, was subtitled ‘access to tools’. ‘With tools,’ ran the editorial preface, ‘you can do more or less anything.’" Lots of good quotations, including this, and also on fires.
books  culture  tools  nature  outdoors  rogerdeakin 
april 2009 by infovore
howies® - Push the bees where they want to go
"By understanding the way bees respond to all the different aspects of the natural world, the beekeeper is able to recover his own relationship to the natural world through bees."
bees  beekeeping  nature  systems  world 
november 2008 by infovore
Language Log: [Sic] news from Nature
"In this context, the insertion of a Latin word in a couple of paragraphs may be a tiny step: but it is at least one in the right direction." Nature changes its mission statement.
npg  nature  language 
august 2007 by infovore

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