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GameSetWatch - The Game Developer Archives: 'Postmortem: Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire'
A wonderful old postmortem - on Shadows of the Empire for the N64. As a launch title, there was lots of working with unfinished hardware, prototype controllers, and SGI workstations; it's long and detailed, and a fantastic portal to a world that seems eons ago, even if it was only 12 years away.
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april 2009 by infovore
1UP's Retro Gaming Blog : Something Old, Something Blu: Quantum of Solace
"The problem is that what made GoldenEye so good was a fleeting, transient quality that can never be grasped again: it's not that the game was especially brilliant by modern standards, but rather that it utterly eclipsed its contemporaries. These days, the FPS is as comfortable on consoles as it is on Windows, and for a Bond shooter to have the same impact as GoldenEye it would have to outperform Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, BioShock, and Half-Life 2. In short, it would have to be revolutionary." Although: a big part of what made it so good was the social side of the jerky split-screen multiplayer, and Live just isn't the same. Yes, there was the context, but there was also some kind of magical glue holding it all together. Still, there are lots of smart, sensible points here, about emerging from the shadow of Goldeneye.
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april 2009 by infovore
There Will Be No Animated Gifs In This Blog.: It's Not Like You Can Predict Memes, but...
If you tilt N64 cartridges, amusing glitches happen. What you might not predict: loads of Japanese (real-world) videos pastiching "tilted" Goldeneye. This is bonkers.
games  n64  goldeneye  memes  tilting  japan  bonkers 
april 2009 by infovore

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