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This Music Made Me: Tom Rogerson | This Music Made Me | musicOMH
This feels... familiar. Two things resonated a lot, though: the description of Hymns Ancient and Modern as a tradition to come from, and especially the description of 'cramming for A-levels' - my version of that was a combination of Fopp and Parrot Records at university, and the local libraries' CD sections during my teenage years.

He's a better musician then me, though, clearly.
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march 2018 by infovore
Scanner looks back on an amazing career in sound and art | MusicRadar
Nice interview with Scanner with some good notes on instrumentiness and also on using the tools that are available.
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june 2016 by infovore
Learn How Pantha Du Prince Combines Acoustic Instruments with Ableton Live, In C - Create Digital Music
CDM rounds up all of Ableton's videos about Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory performing In C. Lots of nice stuff on performance, live sampling, but mainly just about how performers play together. Very analogue, in that regard.
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april 2014 by infovore

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