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Rancho Electro - "Salt Fires" - Graph Rabbit & Mikael Jorgensen - Music Video HD - YouTube
"Rancho Electro is a series where a guest artist is invited to Ojai, California to collaborate on a new musical composition with Mikael Jorgensen. Utilizing traditional and electronic instruments, each group heads into the mountains above Ojai to film and record the performance of this new composition." I loved this first piece from Graph Rabbit. So nice to see interesting, melodic, electronic music performed live.
music  electronic  live  ranchoelectro 
12 days ago by infovore
Martin Lüders' VST site
Really nice - and - lush - sounding virtual analogue, heavily pased on the JX8P. Those strings, that chorus!
synthesizer  va  virtualanalog  vst  plugin  roland  jx8p  music  instrument 
13 days ago by infovore
Monome // Live at Better; for Living on Vimeo
Lovely live performance from Brian and Kelli: keyboard, modular, grid-sequencers, ukulele, voice. Feels intimate.
monome  performance  live  electronics  music 
13 days ago by infovore
Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Buchla Music Easel - YouTube
A truly lovely Music Easel performance. I love how coherent an instrument it is, and this is a cracking piece of playing.
kaitlynaureliasmith  buchla  music  performance  video 
25 days ago by infovore
NYMPHAEA - Svetlana Maraš
"Nymphaea is one in a set of 7 works made under the title Ethereal Information. These works are Pure data patches, and they are generative sound works functioning by the rules of partially fixed algorithms. Each of the patches leaves the space for user’s input that will influence certain aspects of the work. Patches can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution license, as part of other works, in installations, galleries, public spaces or wherever you find them suitable."

Music as software. I'm listening to it now; not as an MP3, but as a PureData patch. Very good.
pd  puredata  music  generative  algorithmic  production  composition  svetlanamaras 
4 weeks ago by infovore
Watch Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith bring her modular orchestra to life - YouTube
A really beautiful demonstration of a modular performance; so musical, so careful, and so clearly live; such an understanding. Fascinating to see someone who first learned on a Buchla, too, in this age, but it clearly comes through in her approach to the instrument.
music  modularsynth  kaitlynaureliasmith  performance  composition 
5 weeks ago by infovore
Oxford Handbook on Algorithmic Music – draft ToC | Alex McLean
This looks super-interesting, and has such a great line-up of writers.
music  sound  algorithms  livecode 
5 weeks ago by infovore
SCHOOL of NOISE | Experimental sound workshops for children and young people
"The School of Noise runs workshops for young people and adults encouraging the exploration of noise, sound and music. Our aim is to provide creative and imaginative activities using sound in accessible, fun and educational ways.

Using a wide variety of analogue and digital equipment our activities include; sculpting sounds using small modular synthesisers, composing original experimental sound art, circuit bending, field recording, coding and programming, building cardboard record players, conducting orchestras of fruit and vegetables, creating and recording Foley sounds, preparing pianos, soundwalks, learning about acoustic ecology plus more."

schoolofnoise  music  sound  education  experimental 
6 weeks ago by infovore
Looped and Delayed Viola
"The result is a rhythmic meditation on the tonality inherent in her instrument. To hear bits of the viola on repeat is to hear the organic turned into a machine, as nuances are frozen into employment as compositional elements." Yep.
sound  music  looping  viola  acoustic 
8 weeks ago by infovore
Delicious Max Tutorials - YouTube
Another interesting set of Max tutorials - a little more advanced than beginner, but some interesting stuff for sure.
maxmsp  max  software  music  audio  programming  tutorial 
8 weeks ago by infovore
BazTutorials - YouTube
Recommended as a set of Max tutorials
max  maxmsp  music  software  technology 
8 weeks ago by infovore
dlb electronics | Lunetta 1.0
Lots of Lunetta-styled CMOS-based modules; some are very, very simple, lots of Ken Stone designs in there. Neat ideas to think on.
electronics  cmos  lunetta  music 
10 weeks ago by infovore
RA: Junior Boys: A happy ending
Great interview with Jeremy Greenspan about the new Junior Boys album, and getting back in the saddle. One of my favourite bands, and an pleasantly honest, ordinary perspective.
juniorboys  music  ra  residentadvisor  interview  canada 
march 2016 by infovore
Every* Recording of Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie 1″ Played at the Same Time
Merged together in the way that makes most coherent sense: using the start/end of the longest track as the markers to stretch the others to; turning rubato in performance into what sounds like granular synthesis, almost. Good write-up, too: the more I listen to this, the more thoughtful it gets.
music  satie  repurposing  sampling  delay 
january 2016 by infovore
Scanner: Live Modular Rig - YouTube
Robin talks through the previous rig - again, note how carefully the elements are chosen as a broad but limited palette.
music  modular  synthesizer  scanner  robinrimbaud  live  improvisation 
january 2016 by infovore
Modular101 - YouTube
A really beautiful live modular set from Scanner/Robin Rimbaud. I love this because it's melodic and musical, delivered from a small but carefully chosen 6U rig; it is the exact thing I like in ambient music, and the exact opposite of so much modular nonsense in the world. It's beautiful to study, too.
robinrimbaud  scanner  synthesizer  modular  eurorack  music  live  performance 
january 2016 by infovore
Thankful Villages | A project about rural life by Darren Hayman
"A Thankful Village is a village where every soldier returned alive from World War 1. The term Thankful or Blessed Village was coined by Arthur Mee in his set of guidebooks, The King's England in the 1930s. Darren Hayman is visiting each of the 54 Thankful Villages and making a piece of music and a short film for every one focussing on village life. Some take the form of instrumentals inspired by location, some are interviews with village residents set to music, others are new songs with lyrics or found local traditional songs." Lovely project from Darren Hayman.
darrenhayman  villages  england  film  music  thankfulvillages 
december 2015 by infovore
Infinite Possibilities | horizontalpitch
Amongst many other things, bookmarked for "composing music means building an instrument"
music  instruments  instrumentness  composition  performance 
december 2015 by infovore
RA: Trickfinger: Letting Go
Really interesting interview with John Frusciante on his move into electronic music; particularly interesting (and good) on the relationship between engineering and art, and an artist's desire to work more closely with his materials.
johnfrusciante  music  production  sound  engineering  composition 
november 2015 by infovore
ValhallaPlate, Diffusion, and Presets | Valhalla DSP
"I view ValhallaPlate as being closely related to an SM57. Or a hammer. No need to be delicate with the tool. No need to think about things too much. It just works." I liked this line on toolmaking, especially when it comes to music technology.
music  software  tools  interfaces 
november 2015 by infovore
'gazed and Confused: A Guide to Shoegaze in your DAW - Zeros and Ones
Yes, it's a bit heavily focused on copying/emulation, but there's some useful stuff in here and some interesting starting points.
synthesis  shoegaze  production  music 
november 2015 by infovore
Learn electronics with the vintage Side Man drum machine - Create Digital Music
This looks like it could be a really lovely thing - what a piece of machinery, too. (I'm always convinced that sound is one of the simplest and most useful ways to illustrate analogue electronics, sometimes).
music  sound  electronics  wurlitzer  drummachines  soundman  darshahewitt 
october 2015 by infovore
"Little Uniquenesses Add Up": Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - BR
"We are defining a story, and this will be the context for the music, and music will always be about that context. If the story of my music was like, “Yeah, I download illegal software and I make a hundred tracks and ten are good, and I’ll always do it while I’m on the train or the bus, and I have headphones on and I just make music all the time,” it would raise a question: ‘What is inspiring you?’" This leapt out at me and smacked me around the chops a bit. Smashing interview with Nils Frahm about his recent collaboration with Ólafur Arnalds. (Also, I did not realise how the Korg PS-3100 did polyphony. Blimey.)
nilsfrahm  music  creativity  composition 
september 2015 by infovore
Silk is a giant string instrument that makes Bitcoin into music - Create Digital Music
"As Bitcoin and Litecoin cryptocurrencies fluctuate in value against the more traditional currencies, the imagined monetary values generate new melodies and rhythms. Recalling both the controversial recent silk road and its historical analog, these silk strings form a mythological musical song." I'll admit: I liked this more than I was expecting to from the description.
music  sound  sonification  soundart  vtol  dmitrymorozov  bitcoin 
september 2015 by infovore
Interview with Olivier Gillet (Mutable Instruments) | Keith McMillen Instruments
Great interview with Olivier from Mutable - lots of nice thoughts on the nature of synthesis, on designing electronic products, and so forth. I particularly like his list of what's inspiring him. Good stuff.
mutableinstruments  music  electronics  products  synthesizers 
september 2015 by infovore
Slides from my AES Reverb presentation | Valhalla DSP
Fascinating presentation - even in slides-only-form - from Sean Costello of ValhallaDSP, on a history of reverberation.
reverb  effects  audio  engineering  sound  music 
september 2015 by infovore
annular on Vimeo
Beautiful: Brian Crabtree's electronics, Kelli Cain's pottery, Iceland, motion. I don't even mind the juggling. But the sound!
music  pottery  briancrabtree  kellicain  juggling  iceland 
september 2015 by infovore
Brendan Byrne
Loving all Brendan Byrne's work - I knew about his Panoramical controller, but Super Sequence Fighter is charming, and I rather like his simple midi controller PCBs.
music  games  electronics  art  brendanbyrne 
august 2015 by infovore
Steve Reich’s Clapping Music » Improve your rhythm by learning how to perform Steve Reich’s Clapping Music.
"Steve Reich’s Clapping Music is a free game that improves your rhythm by challenging you to play Steve Reich’s ground-breaking work – a piece of music performed entirely by clapping. Tap in time with the constantly shifting pattern, and progress through all of the variations. If you slip up or your accuracy falls too low, it’s game over." Must try this.
app  music  play  games  minimalism  stevereich 
july 2015 by infovore
Disaster, please! — I recently gave a workshop at the Gamer’s Rhapsody...
Rich "Disasterpeace" Vreeland talks through some of the Fez soundtrack, but really, he's giving a quite nice lesson in Massive, which is a synthesizer I'd sort of wrapped my head around but now am a lot happier with. It's been especially good since I've been messing around with a real (but simpler) analog synth, and that's been coaching me on sound design, too.
synthesis  sounddesign  music  composition  fez  disasterpeace  richvreeland 
june 2015 by infovore
Mark Eats Sequencer
Interesting sequencer, but mainly: oh god I want that desk.
furniture  midcenturymodern  monome  music  sequencer 
may 2015 by infovore
Cool Things Chrome Can Do Now, Thanks to Hardware MIDI - Create Digital Music
More "filed for further reference": Chrome has support for external MIDI devices now.
midi  chrome  browsers  music  interfaces 
may 2015 by infovore
Not only but also … remembering Dudley Moore the jazz pianist | Music | The Guardian
Lovely article on Dudley Moore's jazz playing; I'd always enjoyed what I'd heard of it, but this gives a broader overview. That take on 'My Blue Heaven' is just great.
jazz  dudleymoore  music  writing 
april 2015 by infovore
Really impressive: audiomux/midimux let you send audio and MIDI to and from iOS devices over a lightning cable. Which eliminates all manner of cable tangles, for starters.
ipad  ios  audio  midi  music  software  osx 
april 2015 by infovore
Novation // Olafur Arnalds & the Bass Station II - YouTube
Yes, it's promotional shtick for Novation, but rather lovely to see Olafur Arnalds going to Bridport to play a small hall (and to play his Broadchurch soundtrack).
olafurarnalds  music  sound  soundtracks 
april 2015 by infovore
Universal Record : Jesse England
"With this project, I ask: In the record listening experience, how important is the still environment and kinetic spectacle? With modern tangible media supplanted by cross-platform, network-based storage and playback, is contemporary record and turntable ownership a novelty, or an effort towards meditative stability?" Superb.
music  sound  technology  ritual 
april 2015 by infovore
Russell Davies: Composers' Pencils
I didn't know about this, but Composers' Rooms sounds marvellous; how-we-work combined with music. Brilliant.
music  process  working  composition  composers 
april 2015 by infovore
Rainy Cafe: Ambient White Noise Generator. 雨のカフェ
Via Matt Sheret; I'd find this preferable to abstract white noise, for sure.
music  background  ambient  noise 
april 2015 by infovore
Watch a Dreamy, Groovy Reverie Played Live on Desktop Synths - Create Digital Music
Really enjoyed Jeremy Blake's track here; and gosh, the OP-1 increasingly looks like an interesting instrument.
music  live  synthesizers  ambient 
april 2015 by infovore
The Demo | Mikel Rouse Web Site
"The Demo is a music theater work written by composer/performers Mikel Rouse and Ben Neill based on Douglas Engelbart’s historic 1968 demonstration of early computer technology." Wow.
dougenglebart  opera  music  theatre  motherofalldemos 
march 2015 by infovore
fun with sea moss (or, basic digital sound devices)
Basic digital oscillators based on hex inverters and the like.
audio  diy  electronics  music  sound  oscillators 
march 2015 by infovore
Mixdown dance music using Live - Video tutorials | Ableton
Found these useful, just on going from composition to final mix - and a particular simple take on something approaching mastering (or, at least, bus compression). Not just useful for Live, either.
music  daw  mixing  audio 
january 2015 by infovore
The Best Thing I Bought This Year: DUBS Acoustic Filters [2014 in Review] - Create Digital Music
Ooh, these look good: decent earplugs/filters/attenuating devices for non-horrendous cost.
earprotection  sound  music  earplugs 
december 2014 by infovore
nils frahm xmas mix 2014 by Nils Frahm | Mixcloud
Nils Frahm makes a mix from his vinyl collection. It's just marvellous, and I'll definitely be listening a few times - not just at Christmas, either.
mixtape  mix  nilsfrahm  music  christmas 
december 2014 by infovore
Piano Phase
"This site is based on the first section from Steve Reich’s 1967 piece Piano Phase. Two pianists repeat the same twelve note sequence, but one gradually speeds up. Here, the musical patterns are visualized by drawing two lines, one following each pianist." Lovely.
webaudioapi  stevereich  pianophase  music  visualisation 
june 2014 by infovore
In League With Paton: 2014 Albums: Half Time Report
Bookmarked for reference - Dan's lists are usually good.
music  danpaton  recommendation 
june 2014 by infovore
Kinetic Sculpture Blends Bizarre Mix of House Beats and Lego Bricks | MAKE
Alex Allmont's "Play House" is brilliant. I'd seen his Clunky Drummer, but this is lovely - really like the emphasis on analogue, from contact mics onwards, and on making it as legible as possible. Also, his work-in-progress videos are lovely.
lego  modularsynthesis  electronics  house  music  alexallmont  kinetic  sculpture 
april 2014 by infovore
Learn How Pantha Du Prince Combines Acoustic Instruments with Ableton Live, In C - Create Digital Music
CDM rounds up all of Ableton's videos about Pantha du Prince and the Bell Laboratory performing In C. Lots of nice stuff on performance, live sampling, but mainly just about how performers play together. Very analogue, in that regard.
music  panthaduprince  terryriley  performance  musicians 
april 2014 by infovore
rhythm of the tide. - As Jackson couldn’t fluently play any instruments,...
"We then witnessed him giving the most heartfelt and profound vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57. He would sing us an entire string arrangement, every part. Steve Porcaro once told me he witnessed MJ doing that with the string section in the room. Had it all in his head, harmony and everything. Not just little eight bar loop ideas. he would actually sing the entire arrangement into a micro-cassette recorder complete with stops and fills." It's all there, already, in his head; and god, he hits those notes so well. No auto-tune there.
music  composition  behindthescenes  howtomakethings  harmony  michaeljackson 
march 2014 by infovore
Nico Muhly > Beyoncé - The Talkhouse
Nico Muhly does a track-by-track breakdown of Beyoncé by Beyoncé. It's pretty great.
music  beyonce  nicomuhly 
january 2014 by infovore
Looking back at 2013 | Mutable Instruments
Lovely yearnotes from Olivier at Mutable Instruments, especially if you're interested in what it's like running a modern, small boutique hardware companies. Really excited to see what's next from them - must get around to finally building some music around the Shruthi.
music  electronics  mutableinstruments  yearnotes 
january 2014 by infovore
"Weeklybeats is a 52 week long music project in which artists compose and publicly release 1 song a week for the entire year." Not sure I'll even get anything in for Week 1, but worth bearing in mind.
music  production  composition  motivation 
january 2014 by infovore
A DIY Multitouch Music Controller, monome-Style, Built From Scratch [Instructables, Arduino] - Create Digital Music
"Because it’s IR-based, the system is sensitive to natural light. But Amanda turned that accident into something creative, producing beautiful, organic ambient performances by leaving her controller outdoors." Easily my favourite part of this post were the "bells" and "breathing" outdoor videos; lovely, accidental, ambient patterns.
music  controllers  happyaccidents 
december 2013 by infovore
The Suite Science: Paul Weir Talks Generative Music | Rock, Paper, Shotgun
This is a super-good article about developing generative music - though it's on a games site and one of the focuses is games, it also talks about generative piped music for buildings. And, notably, comments on the difference between a generative score and generative mixing. It's a great article, even if you're not into games.
games  music  generativemusic  paulweir  composition 
november 2013 by infovore
Why I Hate The 'Goldberg Variations' : Deceptive Cadence : NPR
"Bach wonders: yes, this is hellaciously monotonous, but what if I multiply these eight notes by four, 8 x 8 x 8 x 8, making 32 total, creating a larger symmetry, giving the harmony some space to breathe? And then what if I write some real canons, not this pathetic excuse? I know everyone discusses the Goldbergs as if born from the mind of God in some beautiful Olympian harmony-paradise. But here's another way to frame it: Bach set out to write something less boring than one of the most boring pieces ever written. And he succeeded. If the Handel Variations are Last Year at Marienbad, the Goldbergs are Die Hard." Spoiler: Jeremy Denk doesn't really hate the Goldberg Variations. But boy, can he both write - and play the piano.
jeremydenk  music  bach  goldbergvariations 
november 2013 by infovore
Nicolas Collins: Handmade Electronic Music
"My class handouts grew into a crude PDF textbook, which somehow escaped the walls of the school. Emails began to arrive asking me to conduct workshops. An editor at Routledge, invited me to elevate my drawings and prose to a publishable state, and the result was Handmade Electronic Music -- The Art of Hardware Hacking" Might have to get this.
audio  electronics  music  engineering  making 
october 2013 by infovore
Musical vandalism, or more simply, The Clap. | Colin Currie's Blog
"I’m not asking for the world here. I really don’t think I am. I would merely like to suggest some manners, no different to those used by anyone out there who wouldn’t walk in front of someone engaged with a painting in an art gallery, or emit a loud noise during the crucial speech in a play. Music needs a certain environment and respect to have full effect. And no – that is not, not, elitist." I, too, could have punched the man - it was clearly a man - who, in what seemed like an attempt to show off about just how much he enjoyed the performance, was early to the gun. Why not let it breathe? Why not let it sit? Currie's description of applause as a train you get led onto is particularly good, as is his point about how applause-whenever can have its place. But there were only two people who should have been making Contacts with things at that point of the concert, and they were both on stage.
music  applause  colincurrie  stockhausen  kontakte 
october 2013 by infovore
Playing pictures: the wonder of graphic scores | Music |
Nice article from Tom Phillips on a potted history of graphic scores - with a rather good gallery "attached", buried in the Guardian's IA.
music  scores  tomphillips  graphicscores  notation 
october 2013 by infovore
Yuri Suzuki and Mark McKeague have a new design/invention firm. I like that they emphatically describe themselves as making "machines" (along with products and experiences). (Found because of Ototo).
design  studio  work  making  sound  music  yurisuzuki  markmckeague 
october 2013 by infovore
RA: Machine Love: Daedelus
"...the 808 is such a storied instrument in electronics. It casts a large shadow. There's whole genres based on just the kick or the snare or the cowbell sound. As soon as you turn it on and start working, you hear every single gesture that's happened in electronic music since its advent. It's this crazy machine of history, and it's really hard not to be beholden to it in that way." Daedalus on the history embedded in instruments, as part of an interview about his use of technology for Resident Advisor.
daedalus  music  technology  history  808  drummachine 
october 2013 by infovore
65daysofstatic - PRISMS (Official Video) on Vimeo
""Prisms" is fully algorithmic. There are no cuts, just one continuous generative animation. All decisions (camera work, movements, formations, etc...) are made by my system's interpretation of the audio track. My work was creating the system and then curating its output or, to put it another way, I just wrote a computer algorithm, and the computer did it all."
music  generativeart  generative  video  65daysofstatic  mattpearson 
september 2013 by infovore
Alex McLean | Texture 2.0 bug exposure
"It has reached gabber zero – the point at which a programming language is able to support the production of live techno."
programming  livecode  terminology  music 
august 2013 by infovore
Alive: DJ Shadow and his Samples (Part One) "Endtroducing ....."
This is the most comprehensive breakdown of Endtroducing...'s samples that I've seen; it's mainly good for all the complete original tracks, some of which are wonderful in their own right. If you like that record, you're going to lose a lot of time to this.
music  samples  hiphop  endtroducing  djshadow 
july 2013 by infovore
Roll Your Own Looper, Cheap: Raspberry Pi + Pd + KORG monotron Hands-on - Create Digital Music
Great CDM post on using pd on the Raspberry Pi, along with hardware controllers, for a headless MIDI interface. Makes me think about what you could do with this, an MBED, and some cunning.
music  midi  pd  puredata  raspberrypi 
july 2013 by infovore
Groovesizer: DIY 16-step sequencer and synth | MoShang - Chill Out Music - Musician and Producer
"I’ve attached a 16-step sequencer to the original Auduino lo-fi synth and have added 8 LEDs and 5 buttons to the original design, and thus the Groovesizer is born." Fun.
synthesizer  sequencer  arduino  music  diy 
july 2013 by infovore
Analog a la carte
"Analog a la carte is an experiment I (@urtubia, @bigrobotstudios) am conducting for rendering sequences on real synths remotely. This webfrontend will enqueue sequences into a job list that is read by a raspberry-pi at "headquarters". Once the raspi receives the job, it then both sends the sequence via midi to a synth and records it in realtime. Finally it encodes the resulting audio file into an mp3 file and uploads it to Amazon S3, so that this server is nice and ready for getting more sequence requests."
synthesizers  music  analog  web 
june 2013 by infovore
RA: Kompakt: An oral history
Lovely big oral history of Kompakt, on Resident Advisor; a really good article.
music  minimal  electronic  kompakt 
june 2013 by infovore
OWL Programmable Effects Pedal by Martin Klang — Kickstarter
"The OWL is an open source, open hardware, reprogrammable effects pedal designed for musicians, coders, and hackers." Ie: a DSP stompbox with an ARM Cortex in it; you reprogram it by writing C++ and uploading new patches over USB.
music  diy  opensource  effects  dsp 
june 2013 by infovore
Piano roll production at QRS Music - YouTube
"A late-1980s tour of QRS Music's piano roll manufacturing facility in Buffalo, New York, originally aired on the TVOntario children's show "The Acme School of Stuff"." This is wonderful - detailed, careful. I'd never seen a recording piano before.
playerpiano  music  pianola 
may 2013 by infovore
3D printing some sweet music
"The Lulzbot is being driven specifically to produce a certain frequency of sound with its stepper motors. The results of a few different songs are what’s hanging on the wall to the right. You can hear it printing Bizet’s Carmen in the clip after the break." I'd been thinking about this; glad someone's already implemented it.
3dprinting  sound  music  steppermotors 
april 2013 by infovore
BBC Radio 4 - Into the Music Library
"It's the music which has surrounded us our whole lives, but which most of us have never quite heard let alone listened to... and nearly all of it made in the UK." Two years old now, but this is a lovely little documentary about library music, with lots of interviews with composers and collectors alike; so nice to contextualise this stuff. (And: a reminder why secretly I always wanted to be a session player).
bbc  music  librarymusic  composition 
april 2013 by infovore
NIN's 'Head Like a Hole' mashed with 'Call Me Maybe' is terrible and perfect | The Verge
"There are many things about my youth that have been ground into fine dust by a relentless online culture determined to use every emotion I've ever felt as a wedge into CPM advertising or a dubstep meme remix.

This is not one of them."
music  mashup  nin  carlyraejepsen  iseewhatyoudidthere 
march 2013 by infovore
Xtreme Mapping
"Xtreme Mapping 1.4 is an advanced editor of MIDI controller mappings for Native Instruments' Traktor DJ software." I'm always amazed how bad Traktor's mapping editor is, given how much you can do; this looks like a powerful way to build more complex mappings.
app  traktor  mapping  music  djing  controller  software 
january 2013 by infovore
Top Page - Petit Computer
"In the golden age of BASIC, it was easy for anyone to write a program. Now we offer you this exact same capability, but this time with the advanced features of the Nintendo DSi™ system... Many programs are included to ensure that you can fully enjoy using BASIC. The included programs were also written in BASIC, so you can add new features to them in order to enhance your games. You can also take the programs and data you create and convert them to QR codes that can be shared with friends who also have Petit Computer on their Nintendo DSi systems. (Programs included: 12 feature samples,5games, a character picture tool,a background screen creation tool,a graphics tool,and a picture-drawing tool.)" Interesting - especially the music-creation stuff, as Create Digital Music proved.
computer  programming  nintendo  dsi  ds  basic  music 
august 2012 by infovore
"Tambour is a musical game about attacking and countering with rhythm." Really nice: definitely musical, interesting balancing mechanics, and I love the range of inputs. Also it looks good, which helps.
game  music  rhythm 
march 2012 by infovore
Rob Ricketts — Graphic Design & Typography
"A series of informative posters detailing how some of the most notable drum sequences were programmed using the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine. Each sequence has been analyzed and represented as to allow users to re-programme each sequence, key for key." Gorgeous. (If I had to pick, I'd take Voodoo Ray - which is a lovely piece of drum programming amongst many other things).
art  design  music  drummachine  808  techno  posters 
march 2012 by infovore
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