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William Mayne (1928-2010): or what if the greatest* 20th-century children’s author were to present us with an intractable moral knot? | FreakyTrigger
"Mutual misunderstanding was not a new topic in fiction — or even in children’s fiction — but surely few explored it with Mayne’s insight, humour, gentle delicacy or subtlety: how children are not party to adult agendas, compromises, habits and assumptions; and of course vice versa, that in growing up adults have very often lost or set aside a valuable way of seeing the world. That there’s a thread of trust that marks the path everyone is treading, and that this thread is sometimes very fragile indeed. Can sympathetic intelligence and wisdom — wisdom precisely about such trust — sit alongside deep selfishness and a capacity to abuse? Well, yes, sometimes I think it can." Complex, thoughtful piece about William Mayne and difficult questions.
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january 2012 by infovore
Games Without Frontiers: Why We Need More Torture in Videogames
"Psychologists know that torture causes, among other horrid things, lasting mental-health problems. But 24's frantically violent fairy tales are typical of what passes for mass-cultural debate about torture. We're not encouraged to think about what happens next, so we don't. It is a massive failure of the public imagination. Which is why we need more torture in videogames." Clive Thompson responds to Richard Bartle's issues with that WoW quest, and he makes some sensible points, although I still have some issues with the Blizzard implementation.
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december 2008 by infovore

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