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ArcControl for Ableton Live - YouTube
Sure, it's just a Max4Live device to map a monome Arc to parameters. But I love the detail and thoroughness in the implementation, and how tactile it seems - the varibright LEDs, and the number of them, help a lot there, as does the bidirectional feedback.
interface  interfacedesign  interaction  ableton  monome  max 
july 2017 by infovore
Monome // Live at Better; for Living on Vimeo
Lovely live performance from Brian and Kelli: keyboard, modular, grid-sequencers, ukulele, voice. Feels intimate.
monome  performance  live  electronics  music 
may 2016 by infovore
kria lesson on Vimeo
I think the point where Brian revealed that all the various pages - pitch, gate, CV - can all be running at different lengths, leading to wonderful polyrhythms and modulation... was the bit where my head fell off a bit. I find the work monome are doing around blurring the boundry between composition and playing an instrument really interesting.
instruments  monome  briancrabtree  tehn 
february 2016 by infovore
Mark Eats Sequencer
Interesting sequencer, but mainly: oh god I want that desk.
furniture  midcenturymodern  monome  music  sequencer 
may 2015 by infovore

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