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from empty space to stanage edge | the m john harrison blog
"Landscape in fiction is never just background, or you’re wasting your opportunities. Let the landscape do as much of the work of informing the reader of your intentions as possible. Entangle your ideas & meanings with the setting. Fold them into one another."
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july 2016 by infovore
2014 reads | the m john harrison blog
Mike Harrison on the books he read this year, which is as good a recommendation list as any.
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december 2014 by infovore
in the simulator | the m john harrison blog
"If you want to know about the inevitable end-state of the Tarkovsky/Strugatsky zone, you should look at the development of the Alps (& now the Himalaya). What was a nightmare is controlled into a form of play by skill, technique and equipment. What used to kill you is now so well understood that you can enjoy it. Or, to put it another way: what used to kill explorers first begins to kill only experts who push their skillset too hard then winds up only killing the tourist the experts usher up the mountain for money–and even then only often enough to keep up the activity’s reputation."
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november 2014 by infovore
fauxthentication | the m john harrison blog
"The constant bolstering of the “world” _constantly reveals it not to be one_, ie never to be complete the way the world is. This seems to say more about the limits of writing & the act of suspension of disbelief (an immersion which can clearly be brought about in other ways) than it does about the actual need for a world to seem to be present in front of the reader. Also, it strikes me as a bit mad to be a fiction writer if you have to struggle desperately with the pretence that you’re not." MJH on world-building again.
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october 2014 by infovore
what I am like in real life | the m john harrison blog
"keep some parts of myself severely to myself, am thus able to maintain a deep fruitful disjunction between this real world & the real real world." (and: of _course_ the "Robin" commenting on MJH's blog is Robin Sloan)
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june 2014 by infovore
M John Harrison interviewed - infinity plus non-fiction
Rather good interview with MJH; covers lots of bases, carried out just before Light was published.
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october 2013 by infovore
The Kefahuchi Tract trilogy: A future without nostalgia
John Gray on M John Harrison - not just the Kefahuchi Tract trilogy, but also Viriconium and Climbers.
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october 2013 by infovore
the way back home | the m john harrison blog
"Why doesn’t popular fiction encourage writers as entertainingly skilful as this? Because we do not value the skillset itself, only the story it mediates. We long ago separated the skillset out and donated it to literary fiction. Danny MacAskill doesn’t tell a story. He just is. Indeed, by the look of it, he just is the skillset. As a result I cry every time I watch him perform, because the performance is so much more intense than anything I’ve ever made." Great writing, by a great writer, about a great performer. Perfect.
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october 2013 by infovore
a few rules of breathing | the m john harrison blog
"The compass knows the map, son, it knows when the map is near. Let the compass direct you to the map but whatever else you do in this stained forsaken world keep them apart. Else there won’t be sufficient salt water in the oceans to quench the soles of yr burning heart."
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september 2013 by infovore
street etiquette | the m john harrison blog
Its fragments like this that make it easy to explain why I love Harrison's writing.
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july 2013 by infovore
a necessary stage | the m john harrison blog
"As I understand it, B says, the cliche “writer’s block” actually describes the inability to write anything at all. If you have a problem with a plot, she says, you’re not blocked, you are in fact writing; because the maddeningly slow solution of difficult problems in the context of specific pieces of work is part of the process of writing. In B’s opinion, you aren’t blocked in the cliche sense unless you’ve written nothing for several years and can be played by Mickey Rourke." Yes, that.
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june 2013 by infovore
climbers: the journal | the m john harrison blog
"Though I lost the original notebooks, I still have the journal. It stood in a complex relationship with, and served as a feeder for, the actual writing of Climbers, which went on concurrently elsewhere; also as a record of one of happiest and most productive times of my life. The pages were carefully numbered. The photographs, especially polaroids, have become faint and dark-looking at the same time, tinged with purples and greens not present in the lived scene." Beautiful documentation of work in progress.
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april 2013 by infovore
welcome to the middle classes | the m john harrison blog
"Welcome to London,” someone in the office said today. That got a laugh. “Welcome to the managerial classes." I always enjoy MJH's blog, and especially his microfiction; this is a good one.
mjohnharrison  tinyfiction  microfiction  dumbcities 
march 2013 by infovore
what you won’t know
"The problem of writing is always the problem of who you were, always the problem of who to be next. It is a game of catch-up, of understanding that what you’re failing to write could only be written by who you used to be. Who you are now should be writing something else: what, you won’t know until you try."
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january 2013 by infovore

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