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10 Ways to Destroy an Arduino — Rugged Circuits
A good list of ways to protect any MCU circuit - not just an Arduino.
electronics  arduino  microcontrollers 
may 2018 by infovore
High-Low Tech – Programming an ATtiny w/ Arduino 1.6 (or 1.0)
Simple guide to flashing an ATTiny from a USBasp or similar. Might come in handy.
isp  arduino  attiny  electronics  microcontrollers 
november 2016 by infovore
The Circuit Board Record Album
Brilliant, long, meaty interview with Tristan Perich on his electronic music work - albums made as microcontroller code. Weidenbaum asks thoughtful, open questions, and is more than happy to just transcribe Perich's thoughtful answers.
music  code  computation  electronics  microcontrollers 
june 2016 by infovore

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