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rhythm of the tide. - As Jackson couldn’t fluently play any instruments,...
"We then witnessed him giving the most heartfelt and profound vocal performance, live in the control room through an SM57. He would sing us an entire string arrangement, every part. Steve Porcaro once told me he witnessed MJ doing that with the string section in the room. Had it all in his head, harmony and everything. Not just little eight bar loop ideas. he would actually sing the entire arrangement into a micro-cassette recorder complete with stops and fills." It's all there, already, in his head; and god, he hits those notes so well. No auto-tune there.
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march 2014 by infovore
YouTube - Giant White Glove
That performance of Billie Jean. But with a Giant White Glove. Brilliant.
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july 2009 by infovore
White Glove Tracking
"On May 4th, 2007, we asked internet users to help isolate Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean. 72 hours later 125,000 gloves had been located. wgt_data_v1.txt (listed below) is the culmination of data collected. It is released here for all to download and use as an input into any digital system. Just as the data was gathered collectively it is our hope that it will be visualized collectively." This is amazing. And what it leads to is even better.
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july 2009 by infovore
Ray Smuckles on the passing of Michael Jackson
"I don’t blame The Cure. That was your call. The Cure is just out there, like car horns or people who make noise when they cry. The Cure is a choice. When we hear Michael, it is not a choice to feel the beat. It is not a choice to cock your head and straighten all the fingers on your right hand." And, in a sea of media nonsense, still the best eulogy was written by an illustrated cat in a thong.
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june 2009 by infovore
Michael Jackson, Tracks played per hour after his death on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"Fresh data straight out of our uber warehouse: As the news breaks, scrobbles soar as people go to pay tribute to one of the greatest pop artists of all times." I really didn't want to talk about this story at all - but at least there's some interesting data about it. So have some data.
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june 2009 by infovore

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