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Wonderland: Commissioning for Attention: games, education and teens
"I've always marvelled at the idea of a $25m game needing $35m of marketing. Doesn't that feel so wrong and weird? I'd make two $25m games, spend $8m on indies doing crazy new things, and have $2m left over for some nu-style publicity. Or better still, spend $60m across 60 indies full stop." Lots of good things in Alice's compainon to Matt's posts, but especially this; the constant shyness to 'spend less on more stuff' from the games "industry" always befuddles me.
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april 2009 by infovore
Good Experience: Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known
"Following up on these overviews of the book industry, I thought I'd share some lessons I learned from publishing Bit Literacy." Some useful advice.
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july 2008 by infovore
This Bottle | A Better Course
"people... are going to judge your product on that single thing that you think is so important... Have you thought through everything about that? Are you happy with dealing with all those implications?"
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june 2008 by infovore
Mr Splashy Pants Update
"in the 'sentences we never thought we’d be writing at the start of the campaign" category comes "Make the Japanese Fisheries Agency promise not to harpoon Mister Splashy Pants." Very thoughtful responses from Greenpeace.
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december 2007 by infovore

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