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Steven Sinofsky ॐ on Twitter: "1/ “Writing is thinking” is my favorite saying in “how to work” in a company. It is very interesting to dive into this a bit because I often get so much pushback, especially from startups and/or those focused on ag
Yeah, that. See also 'drawing is thinking' - drawing exposes the paragraphs I left out of paragraphs I wrote. I've been writing documentation recently and boy, that properly forces you to think about how to describe the thing you're doing.
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april 2018 by infovore
Five years, building a culture, and handing it off. - Laughing Meme
I've read this post a few times, and it's still making me think. Lots of wisdom bound up in it, lots of things to aim for. Well done, Kellan.
culture  engineering  ctoing  etsy  kellan  management  work 
september 2015 by infovore
Be Unfailingly Kind – Rands in Repose
" unfailingly kind leadership protocol seems like a solid approach for a volunteer organization. You don’t hire your team and they likely come from a diverse backgrounds, so your ability to explain and guide is key. Your ability to convey credibility and be the expert as quickly as possible is paramount because volunteers leave… randomly. This makes the final trait essential: in the face of disaster, you remain the calm and focused leader. Disaster is a strong word, but in a world where volunteers are doing work they are choosing to do rather than work they must do, unexpected situations are the norm.

...Leadership is an outfit you choose for others to see and I choose unfailingly kind." Michael Lopp on management culture as perceived through Destiny, of all things. I particularly liked 'an outfit you choose for others to see'.
management  leadership  culture  empathy 
august 2015 by infovore
Simple Team Performance Management - iDoneThis
"Reply to an evening email reminder with what you did that day. The next day, get a digest with what everyone on the team got done." As a management style, I like that.
management  tools  productivity  email 
may 2013 by infovore
Lead Bullets // ben's blog
"There is no silver bullet that’s going to fix that. No, we are going to have to use a lot of lead bullets." On knuckling down when faced with threats. (via Matt W)
business  management  competition 
march 2012 by infovore
angry, productive birds (tecznotes)
"You can control time when you can see it." Things I like here: half-day resolution; tracking time as a group, rather than solo activity; the value of projects that may be numerically "over budget". Meetings as "0" is interesting; I'm not sure about that yet.
management  project  stamen  mikemigurski  software 
december 2011 by infovore
It's Not Just Standing Up: Patterns for Daily Standup Meetings
Lots of good analysis and tips in here. It's very much not a selection of things to do, more a selection of issues noticed and ways to fix them - many of which are contradictory.
agile  management  scrum  teams 
august 2011 by infovore
Post by Andy Hertzfeld
"One thing that I learned during the launch of the original Macintosh in 1984 was that the press usually oversimplifies everything, and it can't deal with the reality that there are many people playing critical roles on significant projects. A few people always get too much credit, while most people get too little, that's just the way it has always worked. But luckily, it's 2011 and I can use the service that I helped to create to clarify things." This is Good And Proper. (Also it's good management).
management  design  credit  google  googleplus 
july 2011 by infovore
LA Noire dev responds to controversy News - - Page 1 |
'"The expectation is slightly weird here, that you can do this stuff without killing yourself," added McNamara. "Well, you can't, whether it's in London or New York or wherever; you're competing against the best people in the world at what they do, and you just have to be prepared to do what you have to do to compete against those people."'

This is what McNamara considers responding to controversy. I'm furious that men like this are allowed to manage other human beings.
management  industry  games  workingpractice  quality  brendanmcnamara  asshat 
june 2011 by infovore
Random Etc. - Curling is Project Management
"I'm imagining that Curling is project management: sweeping in front of the stone to both clear a path and influence the direction, but without touching it; a good curling strategy is to both knock the competition out of the way and get closer to the target, sometimes with different stones; you can drink and smoke while you play"
tomcarden  management  projectmanagement  metaphors  sports  curling 
february 2010 by infovore
Rands In Repose: The Words You Wear
"In business, words are like fashion. You try a word on because important people around you are saying it and getting results, but you may not actually know what it means." Rands helps you discover what the words actually mean. As usual, he is right.
business  management  language  jargon  communication  buzzwords 
july 2009 by infovore
This Blog Sits at the: Everything I know about management I learned from TV
"William Petersen as Gil Grissom, David Caruso as Horatio Caine, Gary Sinese as Mac Taylor, Mark Harmon as Jethro Gibbs, Anthony LaPaglia as Jack Malone. These guys are the franchise players of primetime TV. But they are also role models. Each represents a different management style." I'd work for Grissom instead of Gibbs in a flash, personally, but I'm an eccentric and I like eccentric managers.
management  tv  crime  csi  ncis  procedural  analogy 
july 2009 by infovore
Corner Office - On Will Wright’s Team, Would You Be a Solvent, or the Glue? - Interview -
"There was a point a few years ago whenever somebody called a meeting that I had to attend, then whoever called the meeting had to pay me a dollar. And I got a lot of dollars that way. It did make them think twice about calling the meeting, even though it was only a dollar." Will Wright has a good point.
management  meetings  willwright  maxis  games  productivity  process  interview  nyt 
june 2009 by infovore
Tales of the Rampant Coyote: Why Presentation Is Important
"In the case of European Air War, what management wanted was a very cool game to sell that customers would love. What the lead programmer did was present it to them so that they could see, clearly, that this was exactly what they had on their hands already. They, too, were having trouble digging through all those details and seeing the big picture." Lovely story about the importance of presentation on any kind of project.
development  management  presentation  games  marketing  features 
june 2009 by infovore
Rands In Repose: A Deep Breath
"An obsessive meeting schedule is an investment in the boring, but by defining a specific place for the boring to exist, you’re allowing every other moment to have creative potential. You’re encouraging the random and random is how you’re going to win. Random is how you’re going to discover a path through a problem that one else has found and that starts with breathing deeply." Oh. That's an interesting way of looking at it.
management  software  design  development  engineering  meetings  structure  rands  organization  strategy  business 
june 2009 by infovore
Skew, The Frontend Engineer's Misery @ Irrational Exuberance
"With limited influence, unlimited hands in the pie, a low barrier to critique, and the perception of triviality, frontend engineers are the janitors of software development. Rather than cleaning up trash, the boulder they toil beneath is skew: the distance between team member's conceptions of a project." This really feels very familiar: it's the most under-appreciated art in the stack of software development, and the one that takes the brunt of the crap.
engineering  programming  development  frontend  product  software  project  management 
april 2009 by infovore
The Game Industry - Push cx
"Looking in, it’s clear that the game industry is broken and not getting fixed anytime soon. I will not be joining the game industry. I’m interested in building a profitable business making fun games in a good working environment, and that’s simply not what it does. Maybe I could hoist one more flag in the indie games parade, but I think of myself as building a Micro-ISV in the web software business. It’s a much nicer community." As usual: anyone with a degree of sanity looking in from the outside comes to the same conclusions.
games  industry  management  work  overtime  crunch  lunacy 
april 2009 by infovore
Crew Resource Management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"CRM training encompasses a wide range of knowledge, skills and attitudes including communications, situational awareness, problem solving, decision making, and teamwork; together with all the attendant sub-disciplines which each of these areas entails. CRM can be defined as a management system which makes optimum use of all available resources - equipment, procedures and people - to promote safety and enhance the efficiency of flight operations."
management  communication  safety  crm 
february 2009 by infovore
This appears to be some kind of 3D-tinged mind-mapping software; Flatblack were behind the rotoscoped look of Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly; this is clearly an interesting digression for them.
3D  iphone  software  management  productivity  mindmapping  spatial 
december 2008 by infovore | Nielsen on agile and usability
"Just remember, 'There’s only us.'" Some good analysis; fair and even-handed.
usability  interaction  design  uxd  ucd  agile  development  web  teams  management 
november 2008 by infovore
Gamasutra - EA Cancels Tiberium , Cites Quality Issues
...and then a massive anonymous slagging-match and name-calling session begins in the comments. Some reasonable commentary in amongst a lot of mud-slinging about the state of EALA...
eala  management  ea  games  gamasutra  cancellation  comments  mudslinging 
october 2008 by infovore
Nike Playmaker
"Take the hassle out of organising football". It's been done before, but perhaps the brand, mobile experience, and quality of product will win out for Nike's team-management app. They showed us the MMO with Nike+; now they're doing guild management for the masses.
nike  services  team  sport  groups  application  football  management 
october 2008 by infovore
GameDevBlog: Manager In A Strange Land: Leaders Play Bass
"Of course, to get the most points, your band needs a bassist. And nobody wants to play bass. So if you want to lead a full band, you're going to have to play bass yourself. And this is like life!" Lovely article from Torpex' Jamie Fristrom.
leadership  management  bass  bassguitar  games  rockband 
september 2008 by infovore
How To Launch Software (Aaron Swartz's Raw Thought)
"...for software developers, it's moronic. Your software isn't being released in theaters, it's available over the Web. You don't have to worry about the theater no longer showing after week one; you can keep pushing it for years, growing your userbase."
software  development  project  management  launch  strategy  projectmanagement 
august 2008 by infovore
Chris Heathcote: anti-mega: this is not my beautiful house
"Just as the words consumer and user are condesending to people, the word experience is condesending to the activity of people, or life. And it’s condescending to the people who work hard to create the products and services. Everyone seems to be an experience manager these days, but we should be proud of what we do." When Heathcote blogs, he blogs big. Great post.
management  design  hr  experience  userexperience  brand  strategy  service 
august 2008 by infovore
Big Contrarian → Divide.
"The idea of there being these two separate things has to be forced away from our thinking. They are one team, which produce one product. Stick their desks together and see what happens." Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
engineering  design  management  productivity  process  creativity 
august 2008 by infovore
Lego-based time-tracking - data visualization & visual design - information aesthetics
"an alternative way to represent time schedule tracking by stacking different lengths of Lego blocks as a way to convey different sequential time periods. stacking hourly rows on top of each other builds up the whole day, while color represents the different projects at hand. a whole week of time tracking is created by setting up a series of rainbow-colored days." Awesome.
lego  timetracking  projectmanagement  management 
august 2008 by infovore
The Brainy Gamer: GLS - Battling the curse of more
I like some of Lipo's design ideas - Pillar Values, Pillar Verbs - but I'm not convinced by the examples he uses; I always get scared of this development-by-list idea. Still, more on focus on limitations, and the "resources without meaning" point is good.
games  design  planning  management 
july 2008 by infovore
CKAN - Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network - Home
"CKAN is the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network, a registry of open knowledge packages and projects (and a few closed ones). CKAN is the place to search for open knowledge resources as well as register your own."
ckan  package  management  knowledge  data  open  source  information 
july 2008 by infovore
"I’ve reproduced the list [of rules from Lockheed’s Skunk Works] here with an identification of a modern software development rule or business practice that it corresponds to." Good stuff from Matt J. Can't wait to see his book.
software  development  management  projectmanagement  skunkworks  agile  scrum  process  practice  thoughtbot 
june 2008 by infovore
Introducing Scrum at Large Animal
"...they need to keep thinking creatively about how they work together and continuously try to improve their process. This mindset is the key to high performing, self-organizing teams."
scrum  xp  agile  games  development  software  process  management  practice 
may 2008 by infovore
Lost Garden: The Scary List
"Every day, we have our team meeting and on one of the walls is a white board containing the heading 'Scary List'. When someone catches whiff of a problem or rumor that could potentially sink the projects, we jot it on the list."
management  process  project  projectmanagement  agile 
may 2008 by infovore
Monitor Calibration Cheat Sheet
If you're using Lightroom to manage your photos, you are probably serious about your photographs. [...] if you are indeed serious, then practicing good color management is essential.
lightroom  colourspace  colour  management  color  photography 
march 2008 by infovore
Tom Hume: Walking with skeletons
"A Walking Skeleton is a tiny implementation of the system that performs a small end-to-end function. It ... should link together the main architectural components. The architecture and the functionality can then evolve in parallel."
agile  development  practice  management  softwareengineering 
february 2008 by infovore
Color Management made easy by Thom Hogan
"Thom's Quick & Dirty Guide to Color Management: 99% of what you need to know in 1% of the space."
color  colour  colourmanagement  colormanagement  management  photography  processing  photoshop 
january 2008 by infovore
Cash Flow Management For Small Business - Pulse
"Pulse is a web-based cash flow management tool that allows you to easily monitor the heartbeat of your small business - your cash." Has Basecamp integration, too.
business  finance  money  management  webapps  project 
december 2007 by infovore
They Write the Right Stuff
"Software is everything. It also sucks." Fascinating article on remedying that idea, about the team that writes software for the Space Shuttle. It's practically the polar opposite of web development. Some bits of that are probably good; some are perhaps n
development  programming  software  article  spaceshuttle  practice  methodology  management  business 
november 2007 by infovore
Dirty hands required, Why user experience people need to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty in development to get the best results
"...a user interface design conceived by someone without detailed understanding of the tools used to construct it often suggests good, but expensive to implement designs. There's a sweet-spot between good, and expensive to build..."
design  interaction  usability  ux  process  team  management 
october 2007 by infovore
Software Is Hard
"If you can't tell how long a piece of code would take when you have the finished product available, what chance do you think you have before the first line of code is written?" If only I could show this article to so many of my old directors.
management  software  programming  development  estimation  budget  scale  scope 
october 2007 by infovore » #23 - How to run a design critique
"The challenge is to create the openness needed for good ideas to surface, while simultaneously cultivating the feedback and criticism necessary to resolve open issues." Tell me about it.
design  review  product  management  development 
august 2007 by infovore » Blog Archive » Asshole driven development
"Any team where the biggest jerk makes all the big decisions is asshole driven development." This, and many more gems, can be found in this Scott Berkun blogpost.
development  practice  methodology  management  software  programming  humour 
july 2007 by infovore
Wicked Problems
A wicked problem is one for which each attempt to create a solution changes the understanding of the problem.
design  problems  management  research 
june 2007 by infovore
Cha-Ching v1.0
Cha-Ching is a fun and easy to use money manager, with a slick interface that uses advanced functionality built into OS X.
finance  software  mac  osx  money  management  application 
may 2007 by infovore
Adobe Forums - A little problem with color profiles
Some really good explanations of the Lightroom colour-space issues.
colourspace  lightroom  colour  management 
april 2007 by infovore
» 101 Essential Freelancing Resources
A few things in here I've not seen before; worth a bookmark.
tools  business  freelance  tips  utilities  web  management  software 
april 2007 by infovore
Creating Passionate Users: Don't make the Demo look Done
How 'done' something looks should match how 'done' something is.
design  development  software  product  management 
february 2007 by infovore
Memex 1.1 » Blog Archive » Teamwork — UK style
All too true. Although, let's face it, it may as well be "developers" in the hole.
management  humour  funny  alltootrue 
february 2007 by infovore
Coding Horror: Dysfunctional Specifications
'Functional specifications document are "yes documents." They’re political. They’re all about getting to "yes" and we think the goal up front should be getting to "no."' ...which ties nicely into "make mistakes early and often".
programming  development  specification  agile  design  functional  software  management 
february 2007 by infovore
The Seven Core Practices of Agile Work (Agile Advice)
Agile Work consists of seven core practices. These practices form a solid starting point for any person, team or community that wishes to follow the Middle Way to Excellence.
agile  management  development  process  xp  scrum 
november 2006 by infovore
People Over Process: Dysfunctional Agile, Agile-in-the-Large
The team, and even the immediate layer above the team may be following Agile practices, but once it reaches out into the rest of the organization, leakage occurs in both directions: development needs frequent input from the field on what's valuable to imp
agile  management  development  process  business 
august 2006 by infovore
Rands In Repose: 1.0
Building companies from the ground. Really good writing.
business  startup  development  process  management 
april 2006 by infovore
The Development Abstraction Layer - Joel on Software
Joel on good form; essentially, why managers do everything in their power to let hackers hack.
development  essay  programming  business  management  writing 
april 2006 by infovore
Engines of Democracy
Lovely business 2.0 piece, about a GE plant that builds jet engines where teams manage themselves, and all answer to one "boss". Interesting methodologies at work.
business  management  work 
february 2006 by infovore

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