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An Inside Look At Make Noise - YouTube
Nice interview with Tony Rolando, and lovely shots of the Make Noise studio/workspace, which is just beautiful.
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february 2018 by infovore
A giant 1906 machine, and the Eurorack synth module it inspired - CDM Create Digital Music
"I’ve been considering writing about Make Noise/Tom Erbe Telharmonic for some time now. There’s an abundance of videos covering this module, of course. But regrettably, I couldn’t find any that go beyond technical demonstrations, in order to cover the module’s historical and ideological contexts (except for the original Make Noise demo videos, to a certain extent). In my opinion, those are the very things (apart from the hardware’s great sound) that make it a truly exceptional work of tech art." This is an excellent piece of historical writing and context from Oleg Shpudeiko.
instruments  makenoise  eurorack  telharmonic 
october 2017 by infovore

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