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What sysadmin things should every programmer know? - Server Fault
"As a programmer, we tend to take sysadmins for granted. The few times I've been without a good sysadmin have really made me appreciate what you guys do. When we're venturing into an environment without a sysadmin, what words of wisdom can you offer us?" A good list.
sysadmin  development  servers  maintenance  ops 
may 2012 by infovore
Bus update, and a little iOS home screen icon generator -
"I’m not sure if this is professional or not. It’s very self motivated and ruthlessly lazy, but also requires experience in knowing what will be a pain later down the line." James sounds like he's being entirely professional to me; this is a good post about maintaining services in your spare time, amongst other things.
jamesdarling  bustimes  development  maintenance 
may 2012 by infovore
rodcorp: Maintenance, or the keeping of too much at hand, having delivered too much
"Thus maintenance would become a punishment for delivery, which may be a hollow joke for some of us working in technology. And every now and then, when reading contracts, I would like to follow Henry VII's lead and pass a law against maintenance."
service  history  maintenance  servitude  delivery 
october 2008 by infovore
dormando - Dormando's [crappy] Operations Mantras
SixApart's MySQL DBA shares some thoughts on running tight ops ships. Lots of good wisdom in here.
operations  hosting  deployment  development  server  web  maintenance  practice 
february 2008 by infovore
Derailer Adjustment-How To
The ever-useful Sheldon Brown on fixing derailleurs. I need to adjust the indexing on both mine and Alex's bikes.
bicycle  repair  maintenance  bike  derailleur  gears  indexing  calibration 
january 2007 by infovore

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