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Pinboard Turns Five (Pinboard Blog)
"It is pleasant to work on something that people draw benefit from. It is especially pleasant to work on something lasting. And I enjoy the looking-glass aspect of our industry, where running a mildly profitable small business makes me a crazy maverick not afraid to break all the rules." Pinboard is - obviously - one of my favourite products. And yes, I love the tone of Maciej's "brand" that he's built. But I also love how straightforward he is about describing the business and process of making something that Just Works and doesn't have ideas beyond being solid and dependable.
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july 2014 by infovore
Our Comrade The Electron - Webstock Conference Talk
"Today I want to talk about these moments when the future falls in our laps, with no warning or consideration about whether we're ready to confront it." This is a great, great talk from Maciej, on the histories of technology, and how culture interferes with work, and how 20th century history complicated most things it touched. Also: the rant in the middle is good. I think this might be my favourite Maciej talk I've read or seen.
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february 2014 by infovore
"...when people are very quotable, it can make it harder to listen to what they actually have to say." Which is why that's the only quotation I'll make from Maciej's lovely talk from XOXO. It's very good; go enjoy.
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september 2013 by infovore

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