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Destiny’s Raid Is Interesting Because It Is A Game | this cage is worms
"When Smith describes the raids as “linear,” which allows the developers to “build on your knowledgebase,” he’s really describing something profound in the context of Destiny: the Vault of Glass is a game, where Destiny overall is merely a series of loops." Oh, that's a good way of putting it. (This is a strong article about one of the most interesting parts of Destiny - its first Raid. The Kirk Hamilton interview linked off it is excellent, too.)
destiny  games  design  vaultofglass  loops  notloops 
october 2014 by infovore
Manovich: Database as a Symbolic Form
"Or, in a diffirent formulation of the legendary author of Sim games Will Wright, "Playing the game is a continuous loop between the user (viewing the outcomes and inputting decisions) and the computer (calculating outcomes and displaying them back to the user). The user is trying to build a mental model of the computer model.""
games  loops  models  willwright 
march 2012 by infovore
Tom Hume: Tight loops and feedback
"Unless you design, build, experiment and test in the real world in a tight loop, you can spend a lot of time on the wrong problems" Yep.
rodneybrooks  tomhume  robotics  research  repl  loops  tightloops 
february 2012 by infovore
Sound Of The Funky Drummer « liner notes
More comprehensive notes from Gavin Bradley - this time, on the legacy of Funky Drummer.
jamesbrown  clydestubblefield  funkydrummer  music  samples  breaks  loops 
july 2011 by infovore

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