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“Link In Bio” is a slow knife
"...killing off links is a strategy. It may be presented as a cost-saving measure, or as a way of reducing the sharing of untrusted links. But it is a strategy, designed to keep people from the open web, the place where they can control how, and whether, someone makes money off of an audience. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do.

Links take us to places where we can make choices that Instagram never would."

It never ceases to infuriate me that links on Instagram just don't work. "Link in bio" drives me spare, and worst of all, it is never the fault of the people resorting to it. This is good stuff from Anil Dash.
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10 weeks ago by infovore Links of the 2010s
Yeah, this is good / this is roughly the internet I used to know and still know / not everything is terrible.
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