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“Play is the serious business of children” Jean Piaget – Viewport Magazine
Modernist toy exhibition in London; Ken Garland et al. I must go sometime soon.
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june 2015 by infovore
"what you need isn't graphic design it's whatever else. Or maybe nothing." (Noisy Decent Graphics)
"The thing that annoys me most about most graphic designers is their inability to think outside of their own sphere of reference. The client, or customer, user, human, whatever, will have many things on their mind, graphic design is only one of them. A problem that requires graphic design to solve it will seldom ONLY require graphic design to solve it. It's just one weapon in the amoury. As Ken says, what you need may be less graphic design, or maybe even no graphic design at all. Something else. Or as Michael says, "you know, real life."" All of that.
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january 2013 by infovore
Eye blog » Playing with the logo. How Ken Garland + Associates had graphic fun with the Galt Toys identity
Gorgeous work from Ken Garland, and an exhibition of the Galt Toys work in Shoreditch. And, best of all, the exhibition lets you play with the toys. Will be going to this.
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april 2012 by infovore

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