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Inside a Star-filled Sky
Jason Rohrer's recursive shooter, which I must pick up at some point.
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february 2011 by infovore
Gravitation: a video game by Jason Rohrer
"Know that there are no "accidents" in this game design. Everything you notice about the game, and every subtle interaction that you experience, is intentionally packed with meaning." (Gravitation, still, being my favourite of Rohrer's games, I think).
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october 2010 by infovore
Art Game Star Jason Rohrer Joins Ad Collective | GameCulture
"After a stint shuttling back and forth from his farm in upstate New York to LA, where he consulted on a project for Steven Spielberg and EA, Rohrer has now joined the roster of multimedia stars at Tool of North America, which produces high-end commercials and interactive campaigns for the top advertising firms in the nation." Hmm.
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june 2009 by infovore
Jason Rohrer has a new puzzle game out, designed primarily for iPhone but also available for OSX/Windows/Linux as ever. The UI is very thoughtful, for something finger-driven; the game mechanic is complex, but I think I'll get a handl eon it soon. I hope.
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april 2009 by infovore
Future of Video Game Design - Jason Rohrer's Programming Online Games - Esquire
"Rohrer is trying to make art in a medium that most people don't even think is capable of art. He can create this space of pure freedom, as artists have done in the past -- isolation, introspection, ascetic poverty. But ultimately he has to send these works out into the world, and people have to respond to them. And right now the audience doesn't know what to do with them." Fantastic writing from Esquire; mature, sensible, and at no point apologist.
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november 2008 by infovore
Between Video Game Download - Jason Rohrer Games' New Between - Esquire
"Somewhere, across whatever barriers stand between, is an other." Jason Rohrer's new game is for two.
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november 2008 by infovore

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