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Experience Design & Material Exploration by Jack Schulze & Timo Arnall
"Making entertainment media is a bit like telling a joke; you really can’t tell whether it’s going be funny until you’ve told it." A really good synthesis of many years of work and process from Jack and Timo. Reading this I remember how I'm somewhat shaped by this thinking.
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june 2018 by infovore
Little Printer: A portrait in the nude - Design - Domus
"She is omnipotent. She can conjure up an army of parkour chimney sweep ninjas! But she also has to come and go with the weather, and where there is technology, if you like, it does not always do what it should. It plays up. The umbrella handle is a bit shitty with her. The toys don't always clean themselves up at her command." I always like Schulze on Mary Poppins, and whilst it's quotable, it's probably not the most representative quote of this marvellous article. The main reason I use it is this article, more than many I've read, explains what being in a room with Jack at work is like. It's also lovely to see all the threads, some of which I saw beginning, come together. Good photos, too, of what work looks like.
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february 2013 by infovore
Nearness – Blog – BERG
"The film Nearness explores interacting without touching. With RFID it’s proximity that matters, and actual contact isn’t necessary. Much of Timo’s work in the Touch project addresses the fictions and speculations in the technology. Here we play with the problems of invisibility and the magic of being close." God, I work with brilliant people.
berg  berglondon  rfid  touch  nearness  timoarnall  jackschulze  video 
september 2009 by infovore
Six Questions from Kicker: Jack Schulze
"Design is about risk. We all fear authentic public response to our work, but we have to be brave enough to overcome." Jack gets interviewed by Jennifer over on the Kicker blog. And: "Always have nice pens".
jackschulze  schulzeandwebb  design  interview  process 
may 2009 by infovore
Pulse Laser: Endless Notebooks
A first, rather long, post on the S&W Blog, in which I talk to Jack about a project he's been working on for a while.
design  product  manufacture  work  service  schulzeandwebb  jackschulze  notebooks  bookbinding 
february 2009 by infovore
Starting out: Creatives clued in to 'Generation C' | Small Business | Business | Money | Telegraph
"Don't take work only for the money. You get what you do, so work than makes you unhappy is not progressive." S&W in the Telegraph.
business  design  mattwebb  jackschulze  schulzeandwebb  startup  creativity  advice 
july 2007 by infovore

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