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Playing With Complexity — slides and notes for my NLGD Festival of Games talk (Leapfroglog)
"the more sophisticated applications of interactive data visualization resemble games and toys in many ways, and... game design can contribute to the solutions to several design issues ... in the field of data visualization." Kars on top form at NLGD.
design  interaction  play  games  playfulness  dataviz  infoviz  visualisation  ixd 
july 2008 by infovore
Shneiderman's Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design
"These rules were obtained from the text Designing the User Interface by Ben Shneiderman. [they] are derived heuristically from experience and applicable in most interactive systems after being properly refined, extended, and interpreted."
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july 2008 by infovore
adaptive path » sketchboards: discover better + faster ux solutions
"The sketchboard is a low-fi technique that makes it possible for designers to explore and evaluate a range of interaction concepts while involving both business and technology partners"
design  ux  ixd  interaction  sketching  wireframe 
january 2008 by infovore
Fraser Speirs – Coverflow Hater
"It seems to me that Coverflow replicates everything that is frustrating and unpleasant about looking for something in the real world."
interaction  design  itunes  coverflow  quotation  ixd 
september 2007 by infovore
What Does Rich Mean? - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
"What does rich mean to a UI (user interface) designer who wants to craft intelligent, compelling, and memorable interactions?"
design  usability  ixd  ia  ajax  webdesign  web  development  interactiondesign 
june 2007 by infovore
Social science research influences computer product design
Initial press release for Microsoft's "Bob". Never mind!
bob  microsoft  interface  ixd  ux 
april 2007 by infovore
Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface
"In this paper, I ... argue that interactivity is actually a curse for users and a crutch for designers, and users’ goals can be better satisfied through other means"
hci  interaction  design  interface  usability  ixd  ux  paper  essay 
april 2007 by infovore

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