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The absolute horror of WiFi light switches ← Terence Eden's Blog
God, this is horrendous: the awful state of the 'cheap smart home'.
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march 2016 by infovore
motion and rest · Nick Sweeney
"The mobile internet is the internet of motion, defined by mapping and directions, activity tracking, travel schedules, GoPro, Passbook and Uber. We have been given GPS receivers and three-axis accelerometers and proximity sensors for our pockets and purses, and the things we build for them urge us to keep moving. They are optimised to tell us that we’re not where we want to be: miles from our destination, steps from our daily goal, seconds from our personal best, an immeasurable distance from our rose-gold aspirations.

What, then, does the internet of rest look like?" Double thumbs-up for Nick Sweeney
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march 2015 by infovore
Fear & loathing in the internet of things | designswarm {thoughts}
"I don’t want a smart home, I don’t want home automation, I want things that work better because they understand the digital ecology they now exist in." So much that, and so succinctly put by Alex in this excellent post.
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february 2015 by infovore
August’s Smart Lock Goes On Sale Online And At Apple Retail Stores For $250 | TechCrunch
"There was also one late night when a stranger opened the door and walked into the house when August should have auto-locked the door. (The stranger was trying to enter our next-door neighbor’s house and didn’t realize he was at the wrong door.)" YOU HAD ONE JOB etc.
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october 2014 by infovore
Interacting with a World of Connected Objects — Product Club — Medium
"...the general consensus was that some kind of concierge experience combined with a lot of physical interfaces roughly like we operate with today was what people wanted. But the general fear was that we’d end up with a bunch of dashboards and silo’d apps in perpetuity and ad infinitum." Tom's notes on his FOO session on connected objects.
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july 2014 by infovore
Six steps to better business digital of things — Medium
"We foresee an amazing future where not only can your household devices communicate with each other, they can also communicate with us over the same Internet lines. How cool would it be if your fridge could post a Medium here on Medium every time it needed you to buy more milk? And that’s just one idea." There are many more ideas in this post.
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may 2014 by infovore
If This Toaster Could Talk - Alexis Lloyd - The Atlantic
"These three frameworks -- objects as portals, objects as subjects, and objects as oracles -- propose distinct (yet related) structures for thinking about how connected objects might begin to contain their own narratives, seek their own history, develop their own perspectives, and become storytellers in a multitude of ways." Nice article about the various perspectives on Connected Objects (which namechecks Hello Lamp Post).
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november 2013 by infovore
Super Ball XLV
"Data combined with narrative creates personality. It can be used to construct a larger and richer history around a subject.

The world is already divided in to two camps: People who are going to watch the Super Ball and those who aren't. This is an opportunity to delight the former and reach the latter, by providing a larger and more playful cast of characters to describe the events during the game." Nice!
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february 2011 by infovore

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