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ArcControl for Ableton Live - YouTube
Sure, it's just a Max4Live device to map a monome Arc to parameters. But I love the detail and thoroughness in the implementation, and how tactile it seems - the varibright LEDs, and the number of them, help a lot there, as does the bidirectional feedback.
interface  interfacedesign  interaction  ableton  monome  max 
july 2017 by infovore
Paper lives: Little Printer and the rebirth of the hard copy | The Verge
"It feels like a blip to be in this world full of squares of glowing glass, and it doesn't seem plausible that we'll have that forever." Yes, that.
mattwebb  berg  littleprinter  physicality  interface  glowingrectangles  interview  theverge 
august 2012 by infovore
"The proCONTROLL library allows Processing to communicate with controll devices like joysticks, joypads but also keyboards and mice." It works quite nicely.
processing  programming  control  interface 
may 2012 by infovore
Kill Screen - Profile: Matt Boch
"We made a commitment to real choreography. I basically drew a line in the sand and said, “If this interface is going to be great, and we're going to make a dance game that's gonna be transformative, you have to be able to dance 'Crank That' by Soulja Boy.” That’s the bar for a good interface."
dance  interface  games  harmonix  choreography 
january 2012 by infovore
Lee Maguire – Guided by the Whispers of Angels
Nice post on future interfaces, but primarily bookmarked because I can *never* find that GITS:SAC still when I need it, and it's *brilliant*.
newspapers  future  interface  scifi  design  technology  gits 
august 2010 by infovore
Chris Harrison's mind-blowing "Skinput" interface - Core77
"Harrison's concept--which works, by the way--uses the body as a sort of echo chamber. Which is to say, when the user taps a particular part of their body, a sensor worn around the upper arm can tell if the tap-point was at a particular spot on the forearm or on one of the individual fingertips, by assessing the vibrations sent throughout the body by the tap." The detection of tap location is remarkable - a single sensor, that picks out location based on the characteristics of the body's reverberation from the tap.
technology  input  interface 
march 2010 by infovore
"Use [ffffl*ckr] to find the photography you like using the simple idea that people whose work you like, probably like stuff you'll like. You start with a set of pictures - if you authenticate, it'll use 20 of your last 100 favorites - otherwise it'll start with somebody's favorites. Click any picture to load more. Don't like what that person likes? Scroll back and click a different picture you like. It's that simple."
flickr  interface  photography  exploration 
january 2010 by infovore
Interface nostalgia (
"Flicking over to the old graphics — and I, for one, found it almost impossible not to do so on every screen — shows you the game as you originally experienced it, and it looks completely different. Suddenly you remember the old imagery too. Conceptual memory gives way to visual memory, in a clear illustration of how the mind functions on different levels. It’s an odd experience, first thinking you recognise something, then discovering that the original was in fact quite different, but that you now remember that too, as additional detail. In one way it’s a contradiction, and in another it’s sharper focus." Emmett on the Monkey Island remake, and the ability to dynamically swap between old and new interfaces.
interface  ui  interaction  games  secretofmonkeyisland 
july 2009 by infovore
russell davies: measuring pebbles
"Syncing is easy and reliable - as simple as you'd expect from a games company rather than as rubbish as you get from a GPS company."
expectations  games  interface  interactions  wireless  pedometer 
july 2009 by infovore
Convertbot - Tapbots
This is exactly the kind of thing I was talking about around a year ago - the value of bespoke, beautiful UI to interact with mundane code; people aren't just paying for software here, they're paying for interaction design.
iphone  interface  design  interaction  interactiondesign  app  conversion  utility 
march 2009 by infovore
Insult Swordfighting: Using the sniper rifle in Killzone 2: A photo tutorial
"Here's a handy, step-by-step guide to using the sniper rifle in the smash-hit PlayStation 3 shooter, Killzone 2." Mitch Krpata has four hands.
games  ui  interface  crazy  killzone2  controls  overcomplex 
march 2009 by infovore
Introducing the LilUI Compilation : World of Matticus
Seriously, the UI customisation that some players go through amazes me. And yet: the level of customisation possible also amazes me. There's some good stuff in here not just on customising your UI, but also making it look functional and useful; UI design is still possible in the sea of plugins.
design  interaction  games  ui  wow  worldofwarcraft  interface 
march 2009 by infovore
Lubing the Edges of the Internet - Jan Chipchase - Future Perfect
"...the biggest consequence [of a universal micro-USB adaptor] will be the ease of transferring data/content from street service provider to consumer, and consumer to consumer... There is a place at the edges of the internet where the level of friction makes content and data grind to a halt. It's largely unregulated. And it just got seriously lubed."
mobile  distribution  interface  data  friction  connectivity  phone  standards  edges  microusb  telephony 
february 2009 by infovore
The Making of... Dune II | Edge Online
"Herzog Zwei was a lot of fun, but I have to say the other inspiration for Dune II was the Mac software interface. The whole design/interface dynamics of mouse clicking and selecting desktop items got me thinking, ‘Why not allow the same inside the game environment? Why not a context-sensitive playfield? To hell with all these hot keys, to hell with keyboard as the primary means of manipulating the game!" Brett Sperry, of Westwood, on the making of Dune II. Via Offworld.
edge  games  interface  ui  hci  interaction  design  rts  strategy  pointandclick 
december 2008 by infovore
IDEO Labs » Quick-n-dirty Multi-touch: Flash API + Wiimote
"Our tireless multi-touch team is pleased to announce another bit of software meant to make your prototyping life a bit easier, via support for using a wiimote with our flash API to quickly turn any TV or projection surface into a multi-touch environment" Nice, simple, hacky.
controller  interface  hacking  multitouch  design  interaction  wiimote  ideo 
december 2008 by infovore
MTV Multiplayer » What I Learned About Gamers By Watching My Girlfriend Play ‘Left 4 Dead’
"It’s easy to roll your eyes at the people who look at an Xbox 360 controller or Dual Shock and say it’s too complicated. “Left 4 Dead” proves there are hardcore experiences — not just Wii and DS games — that can draw them in…but the controller remains a challenge that won’t be easily overcome." I'd never roll my eyes; modern pads are very complicated, and twin-stick move/shoot is one of the hardest skills to acquire. Still, a nice piece of commentary on what learning to use a controller looks like, and a healthy reminder.
games  input  interface  controllers  difficulty  left4dead  learning  fps 
december 2008 by infovore
The Whale Hunt / by Jonathan Harris
"The Whale Hunt is an experiment in human storytelling." 3000+ photographs, with what seems like a confusing-and-shiny interface to explore them - but hides a detailed metadata manipulation layer underneath. Beautiful pictures, too. Something really quite special; the "interface" pages should explain more.
photography  storytelling  narrative  interface  interactions  design 
december 2008 by infovore - Iwata Asks: Wii Fit
Satoru Iwata interviews the product designer and producer behind the Wii Fit balance board. There's some interesting stuff on the prototyping process on the second and third page of the interview.
wii  wiifit  games  fitness  hardware  interface  controller  design  interaction  prototyping 
november 2008 by infovore
TBM | Hochbahn U4
What a wonderful piece of a UI; two projections of a tunnel-boring machine, synchronized with one another, to help you visualise it in 3D. Lovely - not what you'd expect from a fairly niche company's site at all.
interaction  projection  illustration  machine  design  diagram  interface 
october 2008 by infovore
Screen Shots - Bulk Rename Utility
"The main screen of the application. All operations are performed using this screen." And you can tell, you know. What a UI!
ui  utility  pc  windows  interface  amazing 
october 2008 by infovore
Designing the UI of Things for iPhone
Cultured Code do a large behind-the-scenes look at how they designed their Things iPhone UI. Lots of detail, lots of working shown. Even if you don't agree with the choices they made, it's excellent to see somebody sharing at this level of detail.
design  sketch  prototype  iphone  things  application  interface  ui 
september 2008 by infovore
Leapfroglog - Download my travel-time map
Kars releases the source for his travel-time map of the Netherlands. Nice to see the artefact-as-code, as well as the artefact-as-design.
design  karsalfrink  netherlands  map  processing  programming  visualisation  interaction  interface 
september 2008 by infovore
Future of Internet Search: Mobile version « petitinvention
An interesting series of concept images of what context-aware, mobile search and data-diving tools might look like. Some neat thinking around transparency and context.
interaction  design  mobile  interface  search  contextaware  contextual  concept  mockup 
august 2008 by infovore
A Whole Lotta Nothing – Previous/Next and Back/Next pagination links considered harmful
Haughey is right. Some of the worst offenders in this regard are delicious and Wordpress' default templates. A useful reminder of what is, frankly, basic copywriting. Copy as interface, gang!
copy  ui  interface  interaction  design  web  pagination  antipattern  pattern 
july 2008 by infovore
adaptive path » death to lorem ipsum & other adventures in content
"...words are a critically important driver in the success of the end user experience, and therefore a writer is a critically important player in the beginning. Period." Spot on stuff here - makes me feel guilty for being lax on copy on some recent work.
design  copywriting  copy  usability  interaction  interface  writing 
june 2008 by infovore
That design is money! - physical interface
Wells Fargo hired Pentagram to overhaul the UI of their ATMs. Interesting article.
ui  interface  interaction  design  atm  banking  touchscreen 
june 2008 by infovore
bookofjoe: 'How Grandma Sees the Remote' — by Roz Chast
A nice reminder about the perception of interfaces (as opposed to the reality).
usability  interaction  userexperience  design  comic  cartoon  funny  psychology  interface 
june 2008 by infovore
Pasta&Vinegar » Blog Archive » Evolution of game controllers
"This led me to investigate the evolution of game controller over time, a topic already addressed by others." Some nice, detailed graphical analysis of the mess that is controller design over the years.
games  interface  hci  interaction  interactiondesign  joypad  play 
may 2008 by infovore
IA One Sheeters
"One-Sheeters are quick and easy marketing tools for information architects. They're like mini brochures to advertise IA deliverables and promote the IA practice in your company."
ia  design  interaction  interactiondesign  interface  communication  learning 
may 2008 by infovore
"Click-draggable. Range-makeable. A better calendar." No IE6 support, but it's not half bad so far.
widget  interface  javascript  calendar  code  design  programming  development  date  time  calendaring 
april 2008 by infovore
TimesMachine - New York Times
"TimesMachine can take you back to any issue [of the NYT between 1851 and 1922]". Some lovely flourishes in the interface, and some remarkable content, as you might expect.
newspaper  newyorktimes  interface  interaction  design  publishing  journalism  history 
february 2008 by infovore
OLPC Human Interface Guidelines - OLPC
There are no software applications in the traditional sense... The laptop focuses children around "activities." This is more than a new naming convention; it represents an intrinsic quality of the learning experience we hope the children will have"
xo  olpc  interface  hig  ui  design  interaction 
january 2008 by infovore
Designing User Interfaces to Simulation Games | Don Hopkins
Notes from a talk by Will Wright in 1996. So much good stuff in here; it's almost certainly going to get a dedicated blogpost soon.
maxis  willwright  simulation  interface  design  interaction  models  play 
january 2008 by infovore
DOS ain't so bad after all ~ Authentic Boredom
"In both scenarios, the interfaces enabling these quick experiences are DOS-driven. No gradients, no Ajax, no mouse. Fitts’ Law isn’t even of concern. Just alphanumeric characters and keyboard strokes." Character interfaces till rule for ePOS
epos  dos  shell  commandline  character  interface  interaction  design 
january 2008 by infovore
Summary of my Playful IAs argument (Leapfroglog)
"Designing playful IAs means taking care that you encourage discovery, support exploration and provide feedback on mastery." Kars' whole talk is great, really.
games  play  interface  ui  interaction  design  ia  experience  discovery 
october 2007 by infovore
Clutter Free [ Tempus Fugit | ]
"Clutter Free is a plugin that lets you hide portions of the WordPress posting interface that you rarely (or never) use."
wordpress  plugin  interface  customisation 
september 2007 by infovore
The Daydream Blog » Blog Archive » Searching for the HIG's Boson
Some nice, insightful commentary on the relevance of Apple's Human Interface Guidelines in 2007. Good stuff, for anyone interested in interface design.
mac  os  ui  interface  interaction  design  usability 
july 2007 by infovore
Tour: the review process — Expectnation
Expectnation has launched properly; some of the back-end infoviz for event organisers is really nicely built.
infoviz  visualisation  administration  interface 
june 2007 by infovore
Social science research influences computer product design
Initial press release for Microsoft's "Bob". Never mind!
bob  microsoft  interface  ixd  ux 
april 2007 by infovore
Magic Ink: Information Software and the Graphical Interface
"In this paper, I ... argue that interactivity is actually a curse for users and a crutch for designers, and users’ goals can be better satisfied through other means"
hci  interaction  design  interface  usability  ixd  ux  paper  essay 
april 2007 by infovore
roguelike magazine – issue 1, 2007-03-20 – Interface Concepts
"Aesthetics incorporates more than beauty, and the purpose of this article is to introduce three aspects to build an aesthetics idea for the context of roguelike interfaces."
games  play  interface  interaction  roguelike  aesthetics 
march 2007 by infovore
Multi-select boxes in your rails view at Notes from a messy desk
"It seems like, in current Rails, there’s not a very helpful helper around to give you select boxes which allow multiple items to be selected. So I present you with one."
rails  rubyonrails  ruby  erb  interface  templating 
march 2007 by infovore
Yahoo! Bookmarks Beta (or Alpha) :: Off the Top ::
Thomas Vanderwal on the new Yahoo! Bookmarks service. Quite dense.
tagging  bookmarking  ui  commentary  interface 
october 2006 by infovore
ACM Queue - Silicon Superstitions - When we don't understand a process, we fall into magical thinking about results.
People love mysteries and myths so much that they create them when an explanation seems too simple or straightforward.
magic  interface  hci  raskin  design  process 
october 2006 by infovore
The 11 Most Groundbreaking Controllers of All Time Feature on
Groundbreaking is hardly the word I'd use; it's a rather uninspiring list, and the copy is dreadfully average. But into it goes, anyhow...
interface  games  controllers  hardware  design  ui 
august 2006 by infovore
[giantJoystick] by Mary Flanagan (2006) |
"Inviting users to play classic arcade games by collaboratively moving on and controlling a 9-foothigh joystick (modelled after the 1980 Atari 2600 one), Mary Flanagan highlights the spatial and social role of the interface." Fun!
interface  games  art  technology  giant 
july 2006 by infovore
Screenshot Gallery - G1 Jockey 4 // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer
Fantastic: a bit of plastic you put over your DualShock2 controller to turn it into *reins*. Affordance a-gogo
affordance  joypad  interface  design  horseracing  game 
january 2006 by infovore
pasta and vinegar ‽ Game controller trick for Katamari Damacy
Ahehe. It's Track and Field all over again! (But seriously: when you're given an interface, the instinct is to subvert it, hack it, and what better way than by modifiying the hardware? It's the low-tech version of an autofire button)
games  joypad  hack  cheat  interface 
january 2006 by infovore
News: Prototype Dreamcast Controllers
Interesting picture. Interesting concepts - and way more interesting than the prototype PSX controllers...
dreamcast  game  controllers  interface 
december 2005 by infovore
Radio with no physical controls; it just gets moved in space. Nifty
productdesign  design  object  radio  minimal  interface 
january 2005 by infovore

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