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Meng Qi – Sound + Process
Great interview with Meng Qi, with lots of lovely stuff on being both a musician and an instrument bulider. I need to return to this.
mengqi  music  instruments  design  engineering  interaction 
april 2018 by infovore
A giant 1906 machine, and the Eurorack synth module it inspired - CDM Create Digital Music
"I’ve been considering writing about Make Noise/Tom Erbe Telharmonic for some time now. There’s an abundance of videos covering this module, of course. But regrettably, I couldn’t find any that go beyond technical demonstrations, in order to cover the module’s historical and ideological contexts (except for the original Make Noise demo videos, to a certain extent). In my opinion, those are the very things (apart from the hardware’s great sound) that make it a truly exceptional work of tech art." This is an excellent piece of historical writing and context from Oleg Shpudeiko.
instruments  makenoise  eurorack  telharmonic 
october 2017 by infovore
FEEDBOXES are autonomous sound toys that play along with you - CDM Create Digital Music
Both the feedboxes, and the earlier feedback synth, are delightful. Something really nice going on inside this - the simple physical affordances of microphones becoming a playable part of an instrument.
pd  music  electronics  instruments  feedback 
december 2016 by infovore
Greatly enjoyed seeing - and playing - Luisa Pereira's _Counterpointer_ at Loop last week.
music  electronics  counterpoint  theory  sequencer  instruments 
november 2016 by infovore
Salinity Sequencer Sampler |
"The SSS-12 is probably the best hardwood sequencer to ever be put on water. An incredible machine, It stores and plays the last 12 hours of river samples. Custom circuits convert the saltiness of each sample into pitch, the more salt the higher the pitch, giving a sonic impression of the tidal cycle. With its wooden conveyor belt the SSS-12 automatically updates every hour so you always get to hear the last 12 hours of tidal activity."

owlproject  music  instruments  sampler  sequencer  salt 
july 2016 by infovore
Scanner looks back on an amazing career in sound and art | MusicRadar
Nice interview with Scanner with some good notes on instrumentiness and also on using the tools that are available.
music  instruments  musicians  electronic  scanner 
june 2016 by infovore
kria lesson on Vimeo
I think the point where Brian revealed that all the various pages - pitch, gate, CV - can all be running at different lengths, leading to wonderful polyrhythms and modulation... was the bit where my head fell off a bit. I find the work monome are doing around blurring the boundry between composition and playing an instrument really interesting.
instruments  monome  briancrabtree  tehn 
february 2016 by infovore
Infinite Possibilities | horizontalpitch
Amongst many other things, bookmarked for "composing music means building an instrument"
music  instruments  instrumentness  composition  performance 
december 2015 by infovore
Shruthi-1 | Mutable instruments
"The Shruthi-1 is a hybrid digital/analog monosynth. Its hardware design is deceptively simple, but the sonic range is wide: sometimes grungily digital like a PPG-Wave, fat and funky like a SH-101, videogame-y like a Commodore 64, weird and warm like an ESQ-1 ; but more often than not, truly original." Looks nice, not expensive at all.
diy  hacking  music  instruments  synths  synthesizers 
march 2012 by infovore

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