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The Quietus | Opinion | Wreath Lectures | Social Media Snakepits & Solidarity Versus Corporate Shafting, UK 2015
"The small institutions, public figures and spaces that I lament might all seem insignificant but, collectively, used to and still could make a difference, despite capital's determined attempts to neuter their efficacy via co-option and divide and rule. I've often felt elements of the atheist left wing ought to tone down their strident hectoring and remember that social justice is at the heart of many Christian movements, especially Methodism. Similarly, many Christians should consider that Jesus told them to care for the poor, not peer judgementally into people's bedrooms." Amongst other things in this thoughtful, cogent article - which made a nice alternative from the yelling on social media and the yelling on media platforms from, well, pretty much everyone. (Also: Ramsgate Music Hall looks great; I did not even know).
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december 2015 by infovore

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