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Jller – Prokop Bartoníček & Benjamin Maus on Vimeo
Land Art x Robots Happily Sorting Things. Brilliant.
art  robots  installation  sorting 
may 2016 by infovore
The Realities of Installing iBeacon to Scale - BKM TECH
Really good article on the realities of installing iBeacons, and, secondarily, the way you develop your own internal processes just to solve workflow. I liked the trolly; I felt for the BKM very much as I read this.
design  location  ibeacons  installation  galleries  museums  oof 
november 2015 by infovore
stamen design | Turning medical data into artful data viz
"When I started the installation, people passing by would see me draped in cables and ask if I was making the world's biggest Xbox or something. Then when it was done, they would stop and say 'Dude, that's awesome!' You don't get that visceral reaction to online work so much—at least, not so you can hear it in person."
datavisualisation  thingsintheworld  stamen  dataviz  installation 
october 2013 by infovore
Boil Up
"Instead of using a dolphin model, we would, for example, use a colored rectangular solid or some tapered low-polygon basic shape. This plan would save us all a lot of headaches. Or it would have had I stuck to the plan. More on this later." This is a great post from Robert Hodgin about process, showing-everything, and how sometimes ambition leads to way more work, and is probably the right thing to do. Also: I'm still jealous of people who can think in 3D. That's part of my work for this year.
roberthodgin  cinder  simulation  animation  installation  flocking  process  showeverything 
june 2013 by infovore
New seat encourages South Bank visitors to lie down and contemplate the sky [7 July 2009]
"Peter Newman's Skystation is a circular sculpture inspired by the form of Le Corbusier's LC4 chaise longue which encourages the user to lie down and contemplate the vast expanse of space above and beyond." I rather like that. Doesn't look comfortable, but I agree with the sentiment.
art  sculpture  design  chair  installation  southbank 
july 2009 by infovore
Apple - Support - Discussions - Entropy php5 with GD support and APC ...
How to compile APC into the Marc Liyanage PHP5 package (which is clearly the most sensible one to be using on OSX). Though this is for Server, it works fine on desktop, and as such comes recommended.
php  apc  installation  server  caching  entropy 
june 2009 by infovore

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