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Less Talk More Rock- Boing Boing
"A videogame is a staggeringly beautiful canvas. It's a window into another world. A world that lives only as long as the machine is on. A living breathing world with depth and soul that actually exists, right there onscreen, limited only by the vision and imagination of its creators. Seize that thought, and don't let it go." Less talk, more rock. (And: I am enjoying the BB one-off feature art).
games  inspiration  rock  superbrothers  design  designaboveall  justmakeit 
march 2010 by infovore
Rands In Repose: The Makers of Things
"We are defined by what we build. It’s not just the engineering ambition that designed these structures, nor the 20 people who died building the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s that we believe we can and decide to act." This is good.
history  making  newyork  engineering  construction  building  inspiration 
march 2009 by infovore
Using Design Games - Boxes and Arrows: The design behind the design
"Games create conceptual touchstones - shared references that bridge different points of view and provide a common platform for conversation. That’s what most design deliverables try to do, with varying degrees of success."
design  games  innovation  IA  process  inspiration 
july 2007 by infovore
02138 § The World of Harvard
Havard alumn magazine, online. Rather beautiful.
inspiration  design  magazine  publishing  layout  grid 
october 2006 by infovore

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