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The Server Souvenir: Taking Home Remnants of Virtual Worlds | Platypus
"In this short post, I will outline how owners of commemorative WoW server hardware treat these objects as mementos of their time in the world of WoW." (And: how. as the systems became more parallel, there was less physical connection between "a single box" and "a single realm", and so the desire to own Your Realm goes down.

Somewhere in there is My Thunder Bluff.
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10 weeks ago by infovore
The Mayor of NeoTokyo - Tigershungry ...a playful producer
Won't lie: nearly had a little sniff at Marie's presentation during Playful 2013; a love letter to a town in Animal Crossing, and also to London. Safe travels, Marie!
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october 2013 by infovore
One More Go: World of Warcraft, home is where the hearth is - Offworld
"Warcraft’s success has always been substantially due to the extraordinary physicality of Azeroth, to the real sense of land transversed, of caves discovered, and of secrets shared. Players old and new bemoan the endless trudging that low-level travel requires, but it’s crucial for binding you to the world." Yes. Despite QuestHelper, I'm always in awe of the new areas. I just wish more people were playing the game as slowly and badly as me. Another beautiful One More Go, and one that resonates a lot right now.
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february 2009 by infovore
Curating Chemistry
"Today it feels harder than ever to get the tools to play with science at home and I want to be able to give my son a chemistry set that he would relish getting out to experiment with. One that he could pass on to his younger brother when the time is right. One that will instill the joy of science, exploration and discovery in him. If I can’t buy one then I am going to make one, so this site will record my attempts to put together the best chemistry set a boy or girl could wish for." Smashing.
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january 2009 by infovore

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