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HonestGamers - L.A. Noire review (Xbox 360)
"Unlike the movies that influence it, LA Noire takes place in a world where editing hasn't been invented yet." Really good writing from Tom Chick; this was perhaps my favourite quotation. I genuinely wonder how many people playing this game have never played a "proper" adventure game - be it an old Sierra point-and-click, or something from the Phoenix Wright/Hotel Dusk school. Chick's line about the matchbook is exactly the thing adventure gamers got fed up with in the *late nineteen-eighties*. We don't need the bad parts of Sierra coming back to haunt is.
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may 2011 by infovore
Open Source is about the differences - Apache Asserts
"One million changes, nearly three thousand developers... At the end of the day, we just sail and log our collective journey through the Sea of Changes to the software commons." Very nice, and as James said: yep, he gets it.
software  change  history  historiography  development 
september 2010 by infovore
Nick Sweeney · what Bagpuss can teach us about the internet
"...the internet’s endless pathways turn our simple discoveries into expeditions that reveal the worlds in which those things have lived, taking the role of archivists and archaeologists of pasts that overlay and intertwine." This is lovely.
bagpuss  archaeology  archives  internet  web  history  historiography 
september 2010 by infovore
On Wikipedia, Cultural Patrimony, and Historiography |
"..for the first time in history, we’re building a system that, perhaps only for a brief time but certainly for the moment, is capable of recording every single one of those infinitely valuable pieces of information. Everything should have a history button. We need to talk about historiography, to surface this process, to challenge absolutist narratives of the past, and thus, those of the present and our future."
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september 2010 by infovore
The Iraq War: A Wikipedia Historiography - a set on Flickr
""The Iraq War: A Historiography of Wikipedia Changelogs" is a twelve-volume set of all changes to the Wikipedia article on the Iraq War." James is brilliant, but I knew that already. This is quite a thing.
wikipedia  historiography  publishing  printondemand  jamesbridle  stml 
september 2010 by infovore
Nick Sweeney · the spoken word, written down
"They preserve them as best they can, perhaps without even knowing that’s what they’re doing, but in the understanding that no archives may be kept, no histories written, and that what sustains their digital lives is the lived-out, written-down, spoken word." Reminds me of the "what five pages would you print out" conundrum, and the end of Fahrenheit 451; walking the woods, chanting entries from Encyclopedia Dramatica
internet  history  archive  writing  nicksweeney  culture  historiography 
may 2009 by infovore
GameSetWatch - The Game Developer Archives: 'Postmortem: Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire'
A wonderful old postmortem - on Shadows of the Empire for the N64. As a launch title, there was lots of working with unfinished hardware, prototype controllers, and SGI workstations; it's long and detailed, and a fantastic portal to a world that seems eons ago, even if it was only 12 years away.
games  n64  development  history  postmortem  starwars  lucasarts  sgi  historiography 
april 2009 by infovore
One More Go: Majora’s Mask, or How to be your own hero of time - Offworld
"I hate the deep breath I have to take before asking if anyone remembers Jumping Flash or Rescue On Fractalus. I hate being the geeky bore who’s more interested in talking about games from twenty years ago than about BioShock 2 or GTA 5. But even more I hate the waste of modern game development, of watching talented teams burn time and energy reinventing wheels previously perfected by men now in their 60s."
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march 2009 by infovore
white on white - By Lorenzo Wang
"So why not embrace it? That's why You Have To Burn The Rope is fantastic... for games to become art there must be an awareness and a conversation with its own history. Film, music, and literary critic call this allusion, but for the creators, this isn't just a word, it's a dialogue. Which means it should invite participants. For me, I'm far more intrigued by stop-motion artist Patrick Boivin's attempt at turning a linked sequence of videos into Youtube Street Fighter." I'm not sure I agree with Wang on YHTBTR, specifically, but this paragraph is reasonably sensible.
games  criticism  culture  historiography  dialogue 
january 2009 by infovore
Eric Kaltman's blog | How They Got Game
Eric Kaltman is blogging the Cabrinety Collection, and he's doing a great job so far.
games  blog  history  archive  collection  historiography  cabrinety 
december 2008 by infovore
Cabrinety Videogame Collection
"The Stephen M. Cabrinety Collection in the History of Microcomputing at Stanford University consists of several thousands of pieces of computer hardware and software. Dating primarily from the 1980s and 1990s, the collection chronicles the formative era of personal computing, specifically computer gaming." Amazing.
games  gaming  archive  collection  historiography 
december 2008 by infovore
Save the Videogame
"We need a National Videogame Archive. Luckily, we've just started one. We're going to preserve videogames for the nation. For better or worse. Forever. It's going to be brilliant..." Oh, that it is. Jonathan Smith on *every single bloody thing* that's perfect about Micro Machines 2 on the Mega Drive is a highlight so far.
videogames  uk  nationalvideogamesarchive  archive  history  historiography  preservation 
october 2008 by infovore
The Lego Secret Vault: Lego Secret Vault Contains All Sets In History
"...visiting [Lego's] secret vault guarding almost every Lego set ever manufactured—touched me in a way I didn't expect. This wasn't amazement or simple awe... these were tickets to ride a time portal to emotions and simpler days long forgotten."
awesome  article  play  toys  lego  blog  archive  historiography 
june 2008 by infovore

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