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stamen design | Two Talks in Austin
Both of these are great, and express some of what I've been trying to say in recent talks far better than I've expressed myself.
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october 2013 by infovore
kewlchops: A new leaf.
"I'm looking forward to working with new, clever people and getting my hands dirty again. I'm charged with leading the Open Library into fresh, fun territory; to enlist many hands to make "a page on the web for every book ever published" a great resource. I'm thrilled to be working with Brewster Kahle and his crack team in an important time for books on the web." What a perfect hire. Can't wait to see what George brings to it.
georgeoates  internetarchive  books  publishing  openlibrary  awesome 
april 2009 by infovore
On the high seas - a set on Flickr
"We were delighted to have George Oates, ex of Flickr who started and managed the Commons, come to visit us at the National Maritime Museum in November 2008. When she was here she curated some Commons content for us. This set is the first of this content." Some wonderful selections; the full archive must be remarkable.
flickr  history  commons  georgeoates  curation  sailing  marinehistory  nmm 
january 2009 by infovore

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