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GeoRails | Daniel Azuma
Daniel Azuma's posts in his "georails" category are really good.
rails  geodata  postgis 
december 2013 by infovore
scraplab — This Trail
"The GPS looks forward for me, projecting all my future successes and failings. Every bit of information helps to optimise my path. Contour maps spring out of the hills surrounding, and round the corner ahead. It took a space shuttle and an army of volunteers to help me shift down a gear, and hopefully the data exhaust I leave behind will help someone do it better next time." Tom is brilliant. I miss him.
tomtaylor  poetry  data  geodata  cycling 
september 2010 by infovore
Code-Point Open locates every postcode unit in the UK with precision
"Code-Point Open is a dataset that contains postcode units, each of which have a precise geographical location."
geo  ordnancesurvey  postcodes  geodata  uk 
april 2010 by infovore
scraplab — Using Geoplanet Data in Ruby on Rails
"Noticings is possibly one of the first services to integrate the Yahoo Geoplanet Data deeply". Tom explains how we're using Geoplanet inside Rails. Really good stuff if you're interested in that geo malarkey
geoplanet  ruby  rails  noticings  woe  yahoo  geodata 
november 2009 by infovore
Nodalities » Blog Archive » A data-centric view
"The point here, is that the flickr team did not wake up one morning and think: “You know, if we captured THIS kind of data, we could create this mashup; so let’s create an application.” Instead, they re-used data they were already capturing, and brought out something very interesting indeed. By creating tools which match their data (and could be used with other data of the same kinds), flickr is able to expose layers of value from the rich-pickings of their own data-cloud. The good stuff is where the data are." Yes, it is.
data  flickr  reuse  information  tools  geodata  mapping 
november 2008 by infovore
New maps of places in the diary (Pepys' Diary)
"I've just added a new feature to the site: maps showing many places at once. They allow you to, for example, see all the churches in London Pepys has mentioned in one glance. Or London streets, or places outside Britain, and more." Some fantastic maps-and-pins from Phil and Sam.
history  mapping  geography  geodata  pepysdiary 
august 2008 by infovore
Obtaining latitude/longitude for UK postcodes
"this is probably a bit naughty" - maybe, but a nice hack nontheless.
mapping  screencraping  ruby  hpricot  curl  geo  geodata 
july 2007 by infovore

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