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Amy's Robot: McConaughey™
"If you think of Matthew McConaughey as a celebrity product, he's one of the most consistently branded and immediately recognizable products on the planet... The man is a rigorously disciplined marketing genius." Amazing.
matthewmcconaughey  branding  surfing  weed  genius  marketing  brand  selfpromotion 
august 2008 by infovore
russell davies: ukulele mashup genius
"it's official, this is the best thing on the internet, ever." Let's Play Ukelele skims your tags, works out which songs or bands you like are the easiest to play, and gives you the tab and the chords. Delightful.
lastfm  mashup  ukelele  daft  genius  silly  music  chords  tabs 
march 2008 by infovore

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