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Generating naming languages
Lovely, detailed explanation of generating artificial names that sound like they come from the same (nonexistant) language. Fun.
language  linguistics  generative  writing 
july 2016 by infovore
NYMPHAEA - Svetlana Maraš
"Nymphaea is one in a set of 7 works made under the title Ethereal Information. These works are Pure data patches, and they are generative sound works functioning by the rules of partially fixed algorithms. Each of the patches leaves the space for user’s input that will influence certain aspects of the work. Patches can be used under the Creative Commons Attribution license, as part of other works, in installations, galleries, public spaces or wherever you find them suitable."

Music as software. I'm listening to it now; not as an MP3, but as a PureData patch. Very good.
pd  puredata  music  generative  algorithmic  production  composition  svetlanamaras 
april 2016 by infovore
LSD neural net - Jonas Degrave
Generative imagery, derived by running neural networks backwards on photos - and then streaming it all to Twitch, using Twitch Chat for input. It's the last bit that makes it great: as I type, nearly 10,000 people have seen this psychedelic mess (and 100 are watching right now).
art  bot  generative  streaming 
june 2015 by infovore
NaNoGenMo 2014: A procedurally generated mysterious codex - Safari Blog
Really lovely: a procedurally generated pastiche of the Voynich manuscript, with explanation and some lovely screengrabs.
art  generated  generative  procedural  voynich 
december 2014 by infovore
65daysofstatic - PRISMS (Official Video) on Vimeo
""Prisms" is fully algorithmic. There are no cuts, just one continuous generative animation. All decisions (camera work, movements, formations, etc...) are made by my system's interpretation of the audio track. My work was creating the system and then curating its output or, to put it another way, I just wrote a computer algorithm, and the computer did it all."
music  generativeart  generative  video  65daysofstatic  mattpearson 
september 2013 by infovore
The Aleph: Infinite Wonder / Infinite Pity
"I wanted to present a version of what The Aleph might look like now, designed as an endless stream of descriptive passages pulled from the web. For source texts, I took the complete Project Gutenberg as well as current tweets. I searched for the phrase "I saw.""
generative  text  writing  fiction  aleph  bots 
march 2013 by infovore
The Single Lane Super Highway
"There are 1868 cars on the highway right now. You can watch them drive by, or draw your own and it will join the front of the line. Where are they going? The journey is yours." Progressive's annual report is done vy an artist each year; this year's is a lovely Aaron Koblin piece.
aaronkoblin  art  generative  interactive 
december 2011 by infovore
Unrealart Computer Generated Art by Alison Mealey
"All artworks have been created using data from the game "Unreal Tournament". Each image represents about 30 mins of gameplay in which the computers AI plays against itself. There are 20-25 bots playing each game and they play custom maps which I create. Each map has been specially designed so that the AI bots have a rough idea of where to go in order to create the image I want. I log the position (X,Y,Z) of each bot, every second using a modification for the game, I also log the position of a death. I then run my own program written in Processing to create printable postscript files of that match."
games  art  visualization  generative  ai 
october 2009 by infovore
GameSetWatch - Sound Current: 'An Indie Game Composer Chat: Penny Arcade Edition'
Nice interview; some particularly good stuff on generative music, and a generation that grew up on iMuse wanting to do more with game music than just churn out Red Book Aduio.
games  indie  independent  music  imuse  generative 
october 2009 by infovore
Wolfram Blog : Exploring Logo Designs with Mathematica
"One of my enduring passions is exploring graphic design with programmatic and generative systems. While some aspects of design require the skilled hand of the designer, others can be formalized and explored by computer. For those tasks, Mathematica is an exceptional tool." Some lovely thinking around generative design.
design  development  generative  branding  code  mathematica 
february 2009 by infovore
rodcorp: History painting permutations
"Regardless of the dubious value of trying to dubiously value the art, one thing is immediately clear: in a reversal of casino logic, we value the rarity of the green stripe: 0, house wins."
keithtyson  art  generative 
december 2008 by infovore
Keith Tyson's History Painting print offer | Culture |
"The artist Keith Tyson is offering 5,000 Guardian readers the opportunity to own a free downloadable artwork by him. The costs you'll have to bear are those of printing out the work on A3 photographic paper – and framing, if you so choose... You will be asked to enter your geographical location – which forms part of the unique title of each print."
art  culture  online  guardian  printing  generative  analogue  keithtyson 
december 2008 by infovore
InfoQ: Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator
Fantastic presentation from Giles Bowkett, which is about generative music, art, shipping, Ruby, and building things for yourself.
programming  ruby  presentation  software  rubyfringe  music  generative  art 
october 2008 by infovore
Giles Bowkett: Archaeopteryx: A Ruby MIDI Generator
"I've been building a Ruby MIDI generator called Archaeopteryx. It builds on code from Practical Ruby Projects to create a system for auto-generating, self-modifying music." Wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful.
ruby  midi  music  dynamic  generation  programatic  algorithmic  generative 
march 2008 by infovore

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