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The Rise and Collapse of Yoshinori Ono • Articles •
"In my philosophy, Street Fighter is a game, but really it's a tool. It's like playing cards or chess or tennis: it's really about the people. Once you know the rules it's up to the players to put themselves in the game, to choose the nuance of how they play and express themselves. I think fighting games flourish because it was this social game. If it had been a purely single-player thing, it would never have grown so popular."
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june 2012 by infovore
DESIGNER NOTES » Blog Archive » Dragon Age Legends: Guilds Explained
"...a genuinely meaningful social mechanic can create its own share of problems. Facebook friends are not necessarily one’s actual friends. Players often announce their names and character details in various forums, hoping to find “fake friends” to fill out their list. Doing so creates three advantages. First, the more friends the player has, the more opportunities for his character to be borrowed and thus earn friend gold for the player. Second, high-level friends make combat far easier because of their high stats and upgraded skills. Finally, a surplus of friends allows the player to bypass the rest time restriction." How do you get around all this? Johnson explains all. It's a really lovely piece of genuinely social game design.
sorenjohnson  games  design  social  meaningful 
april 2011 by infovore
Gamasutra - Features - Peering At The Future: Jesse Schell Speaks
Christian Nutt interviews Jesse Schell Lots of really interesting stuff in here - to be returned to, I think.
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december 2010 by infovore
The New Cocktails - The Gameshelf
"Thinking about what defines a particular game medium, one doesn’t always consider elements like the player’s physical posture, and where they sit relative to their fellow players. But the experience of playing a digital game with a friend on the iPad proves quite different than that of sitting side-by-side on a couch with Xbox controllers in hand, or sitting alone with a mic strapped to your head. Your sense of posture and presence is part of the game’s medium, as much as the material of the game’s manufacture. Playing Small World gave me a frisson of novel confusion, marrying the player-interactivity of a board game with the board-interactivity of a computer game. I felt the seam that joined them, but it felt right. This was something new, comfortable, and fun." Jason McIntosh on how tablet gaming is similar to the "cocktail" cabinets of old.
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june 2010 by infovore
russell davies: not playful
"There seems to be some sort of consensus that the highest form of play is fully immersive, interactive live theatre. Well not for me. The rhetoric of these things is often about people making their own choices, being free to act, creating their own narrative, etc, etc. And I always end up feeling like a piece, a pawn." Totally; not for me, either, though I'm not totally into "Social Toys" either - but Russell's points are perfectly valid and sensible. (I do like theatre, though). Probably ought to write more than a few hundred characters on this.
theatre  pretending  play  socialplay  social  games  mores  immersion 
april 2010 by infovore
"Glitch is a massively-multiplayer game, playable in the browser and built in the spirit of the web. It is currently in development and will launch late in 2010. Private alpha is beginning shortly and a public beta period will begin this summer." Exciting!
games  glitch  tinyspeck  social  web 
february 2010 by infovore
Watching the birth of Flickr co-founder's gaming start-up | Geek Gestalt - CNET News
Daniel Terdiman interviews Stewart Butterfield and Cal on Glitch, which is what Tiny Speck are making. Good interview, and worth noting just how often they threw things out.
games  tinyspeck  glitch  social  web  stewartbutterfield  calhenderson 
february 2010 by infovore
Teenage Spacekicks
"I think this is something that’s mostly forgotten about in games writing: for a lot of the people who play games, there’s not much separation. The games get mixed up with the same insecurities and pettiness that exist in real life and the experience is emotionally heightened as a result. Planetarion is forever imprinted in my memory entirely because of these arguments, and despite the immaturity of fighting, it’s heartening to think of gaming as such a direct extension of real world relationships and emotions." Some nice stuff from Graham Smith. I too played Planetarion for a while at secondary school too, although with my Quake chums, looking for something to be played in the working week, away from 2fort5.
planetarion  games  school  relationships  social  bickering 
february 2010 by infovore
World of Warcraft helps fight crime in LA | Technology | The Guardian
'"We studied these online gangs at the same time I was looking at the offline gangs and it turned out the model we were developing to explain the behaviour of the online guilds began to coincide with the offline gangs," says Johnson. "We could explain the data using the same mathematical ideas."' Which all makes sense, you know, but it's still interesting to see this stuff being done and taken seriously.
data  groups  community  games  wow  gangs  social  analysis 
july 2009 by infovore
Arduino Squid on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
"LEDs pulse back and forth in the mantle to indicate roughly how many friends are on Xbox Live. It goes into red alert if anyone's playing Left 4 Dead." Nicely done; might poke something similar into life for myself, just for kicks.
arduino  xboxlive  games  friends  play  social  electronics 
june 2009 by infovore
GameSetWatch - Opinion/Round-Up: The State Of Social Gaming
"I think that there are really obvious reasons this isn't currently happening. Tech-oriented, web-trained, fast-paced, hard-nosed Silicon Valley culture is not really that similar to game developer culture. Outside of GDC Austin... I haven't seen a lot of opportunities for the two industries to mix. Most crucially, everybody's too damn busy trying to get their jobs done to really spend a lot of time or thought on the issue." That gap in culture is something that still fascinates me.
games  social  facebook  platform  culture  web  socialsoftware  gaas 
june 2009 by infovore » Blog Archive » Foursquare, Locative Media, and Prescriptive Social Software - Part One
"Locative social media is especially interesting because it directly affects how people move through the city. It can be terrifically fun and useful for people who fit its prescribed social model." This kind of proscription (or encouragement) of behaviour is interesting, and I think there are a variety of ways to do it "sensibly". And: how did you expand the group of "people who fit its prescribed social model"? Small changes of behaviour, amongst larger groups, are much, much more interesting.
social  play  games  location  place  casual  foursquare  locative  socialsoftware 
april 2009 by infovore
Steve's Blog @ Demiforce: Onyx RIP
"I'm sorry to say that Demiforce is canceling plans for Onyx." This is a real shame, because I was somewhat excited that Demiforce wasn't just ramping up for "another game", and was instead building something that might benefit the platform. As it is: oh well. Those Apple T&Cs are killer, it seems.
games  platform  iphone  development  network  social  onyx  legal 
march 2009 by infovore
Gamer's Radical Realization: I Prefer Playing With Myself
"Maybe this could eventually become an entire category of entertainment: You're dropped into a huge, lush, gorgeous, sprawling world, and all you do is just sort of ... wander around. We could even give it a name. Radical singleplayer: The game of solitude."
games  play  singleplayer  multiplayer  mmo  massive  clivethomson  social  antisocial  loneliness  solitude 
november 2008 by infovore
Build Your Own Marriage Proposal
"How I asked my GF to marry me in Little Big Planet. My (now) Fiancee was playing the level. She was so shocked she kept playing and knew i was filming. Afterwords we hugged, she cried, and I gave her an engagement ring." This is amazing in so many ways, not least of which that she wasn't the first person to paly it.
littlebigplanet  mores  social  marriage  engagement  games  play  creation  ugc  brilliant 
october 2008 by infovore
Wonderland: Turbine's MMO 2.0 pres
Detailed write-up from Alice of a presentation from Turbine - the stuff on where to draw boundaries between game and web is really, really interesting.
turbine  web  games  mmo  play  social  socialsoftware 
october 2008 by infovore
brandonnn’s Profile // Rock Band®
Oh gosh, the Rock Band 2 community site is lovely. Lovely URLs, lovely public-facing site with no wall, lovely. (Thanks, Brandon).
brandonnn  community  social  games  web  internet  design  crossover 
october 2008 by infovore
Gamasutra - Moving From MMO To Web: What's The Story?
"People think the interface is the game, and I think that is kind of backwards. I think the game is the game, and we should be thinking what are the many interfaces to it... you touch Twitter in many ways, you touch Facebook in many ways." Raph Koster. But you guessed that, right?
web  mmo  social  software  design  socialsoftware  socialnetworking  casual  play  games 
september 2008 by infovore
Gamasutra - AGDC: Building Battlefield Heroes , EA's First Free To Play Game
"His advice for those attempting a project like this, is to get people who understand the web. DICE hired a web development director, and a web producer. "Without those people, we would have never made it as far as we have," he says. He also recommends a web tech director, which DICE did not need to hire "because we had a team in DICE who were pretty strong."" Excellent article about building games for the online age; the section on the socially-driven BH website is very incisive.
battlefieldheroes  dice  ea  games  development  casual  online  web  social 
september 2008 by infovore
Fable 2 Hands On // Xbox 360 /// Eurogamer
"Lionhead's system acknowledges the social context of co-op that other games ignore, and the bargaining over who gets to be the hero and how much the henchman is paid is a crucial part of the fun." It's all about the context; aninteresting take on co-op.
coop  fable2  lionhead  games  play  design  cooperative  social  multiplayer 
july 2008 by infovore
Robin Hunicke at LIFT 08 - Video
Absolutely excellent. A little depressed but also pleased at the overlap with my NLGD talk. Here's hoping I can munge together something good. And give credit where credit is due.
games  design  play  socialsoftware  social  applications  web2.0  groups  networks  friends  robinhunicke 
june 2008 by infovore
[d20: The 60's] The KKK, free thinkers, and the unwashed masses - RPGnet Forums
Awesome - players decided to take d20 (D&D) entirely metaphorically, and use it to play out 60s social archetypes. To quote further down the thread: "you've made D&D... narrativist". Great stuff.
rpg  roleplaying  social  play  games  activism  metaphor  storytelling  narrative 
december 2006 by infovore
Will Wright's bibliography (
Jason Kottke brings all manner of Will-Wright-related goodness together in one post. Hence: linky linky.
willwright  games  technology  play  social  interaction  bibliography  design 
november 2006 by infovore

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