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A layman’s guide to projection in videogames. « Significant Bits
"Oftentimes when a videogame has a skewed, overhead point of view, we call it isometric. That’s rarely the accurate term, though, and it’s not just pointless semantics." A not half bad guide to the different kind of projections used in 3D - and pseudo-3D - games. And, of course, a reminder that most isometric games aren't, and that the projection in Ultima VII was *bonkers*.
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april 2009 by infovore
Inside Scoop -
"I'm going to give you the answer right away and the answer is yes. The only difference between SimCity's 3D and a first-person game's 3D is that SimCity uses "orthographic projection" and limited view freedom. The intent of this article is to explain both of these differences and the reasons for the decision to implement them. Along the way I'll briefly mention some of the rendering techniques and used in SimCity 4 and the issues that come with them." Rather good article explaining about optimising 3D for fixed projections.
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april 2009 by infovore

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