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FIFA Earth | The Football Twitterverse | Football World
Hmn. Visualisation of tweets about the word "FIFA" (do the maths there) and all games played of FIFA 10 - so you can see both which teams are doing well, and which countries have good FIFA gamers in them. There's little bits of stats-fluff, but it doesn't go nearly deep enough. It's lovely EA are doing this... but it could be, you know, useful, rather than just shiny? Bungie's statistics crown is still a long way off.
twitter  visualisation  ea  fifa  games  online  integration  statistics 
october 2009 by infovore
noticings: the blog - Flickr machine tags + more fine features
"We’ve been working with the fine folks at Flickr (thanks Aaron!) to add Noticings to their third party machine tag services. What on earth does that mean? Basically, a badge on the sidebar of your Flickr photos linking to Noticings..." Ding! Rather excited about this. Lots more to come (especially from my half of the deal) on Noticings soon, but this bit is super-exciting.
noticings  games  flickr  integration  webservices 
october 2009 by infovore
Gamasutra - Share Your Experience: YouTube Integration In Games
"In a detailed technical feature with sample code, Team Bondi programmer Claus Höfele delves into the practical steps for your users to get gameplay footage automagically uploaded online." Good that this stuff is being published. This kind of stuff really isn't that difficult; the hard bit is recording footage from your game or framebuffer; the rest of the process is trivial, and hopefully coverage on sites like Gamasutra will help publicise this kind of interaction.
youtube  games  programming  development  integration  sharing  web20 
november 2008 by infovore

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