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Grand Theft Auto and Kantian Ethics | D Nye Everything
"The tragedy of Nico Belic is that, narratologically and in terms of the game mechanic, he can never stop using people as a means rather than an end."
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november 2011 by infovore
Versus CluClu Land: La Comedie Post-Humaine
"If you keep the city and concentrate on putting more world into it, imaginativeness becomes the primary obstacle-- you can add things into this city without having to add much physical space and new assets. There's legions of empty storefronts and empty buildings, waiting to be filled. And media-- web sites, radio stations, tv shows-- don't take up space either. Think of this cheap empty space as a place to tell new stories, because as a developer, you are good at this." Iroquois, hitting many nails on the head all at once, again.
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march 2009 by infovore
'Grand,' but No 'Godfather' -
Junot Diaz on GTAIV in the Wall Street Journal. Excellent writing, on the nature of good vs. great and great vs. seminal; on what art does to us; on how it needs to go farther. Smart, engaged, written by someone who gets culture and who *plays*.
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july 2008 by infovore
Grand Theft Auto: Sentenced
"I wish Rockstar had made a better game for Liberty City and I wish they had written a better story for Niko Bellic. Because these are two of the most memorable characters you'll meet in any videogame." A great piece of criticism.
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may 2008 by infovore
GTA IV: okay, here we go | Games | Guardian Unlimited
"This is an important game - ... important because it is so ambitious, so detailed, so confident in its originality and inventiveness. It would sort of be an act of cultural irresponsibility not to play it."
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april 2008 by infovore

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