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Everyone Should Have a Gross Recipe | TASTE
First and foremost, a Gross Recipe is an expression of you: of the uniquely briny, spicy, bland, mushy, crunchy things at the core of you, in concentrations that the average person would find actively off-putting. In cooking for others, we are always making compromises—in favor of decorum, preference, presentation, and hard-coded culinary norms that dictate what goes with what and in what quantity. A Gross Recipe throws all of that out of the window; it is one of few chances that any of us get—in a kitchen or elsewhere—to be who we truly are.
cooking  recipes  food  writing 
january 2019 by infovore
My response to BBC Watchdog: A Chrome plugin for Just Eat - Pezholio
"...with a few lines of Javascript, I had an extension that iterates over each premises listed on the search page of the Just Eat website and uses the Food Standards Agency API to search for the result of the take-away’s last food safety inspection." Installed.
takeaway  plugins  useful  food  restaurants  eating 
june 2013 by infovore
Le Quincampe | Restaurant et salon de thé
Gorgeous Moroccan restaurant in Paris. Pretty cheap, super-tasty. I am very full.
paris  food  moroccan 
february 2012 by infovore
A Conspiracy of Hogs: The McRib as Arbitrage | The Awl
"If you can demonstrate that McDonald’s only introduces the sandwich when pork prices are lower than usual, then you’re but a couple logical steps from concluding that McDonald’s is essentially exploiting a market imbalance between what normal food producers are willing to pay for hog meat at certain times of the year, and what Americans are willing to pay for it once it is processed, molded into illogically anatomical shapes, and slathered in HFCS-rich BBQ sauce." The McRib as arbitrage of pork prices.
mcdonalds  mcrib  business  economics  food  arbitrage  product 
january 2012 by infovore
[this is aaronland] not so much a recipe as a ritual
"Elizabeth David was a revelation for me. She was a wonderful prose writer and it was a habit that carried over in to her recipes which are often maddeningly vague. You would be forgiven for wondering whether there are recipes at all. They are really just a handful of paragraphs that serve as a rough guide in the general direction of the dish you're trying to make. The recipe that follows is much longer than anything she'd write." Yeah, but it still looks amazing, Aaron.
ossobucco  cooking  food  recipe  writing  aaronstraupcope 
october 2011 by infovore
Own Brand - FUEL Design & Publishing
"In 1962, when Peter Dixon joined the Sainsbury’s Design Studio, a remarkable revolution in packaging design began. The supermarket was developing its distinctive range of Own Label products, and Dixon’s designs for the line were revolutionary: simple, stripped down, creative, and completely different from what had gone before. Their striking modernity pushed the boundaries, reflecting a period full of optimism. They also helped build Sainsbury’s into a brand giant, the first real ‘super’ market of the time. This book examines and celebrates this paradigm shift that redefined packaging design, and led to the creation of some of the most original packaging ever seen." Classic, gorgeous.
packaging  british  design  food  sainsburys 
august 2011 by infovore
American Drink | New Orleans - Steve
"The easiest hustle for tips is flattery and a smile."
food  neworleans  courtesy 
august 2011 by infovore
How to do The Trip on the cheap | Travel | The Guardian
Nice list of restuarants and pubs. One of my favourite things about The Trip is turning out to be the food.
travel  restaurants  food  north 
december 2010 by infovore
Mathematically Correct Breakfast -- Mobius Sliced Linked Bagel
"It is not hard to cut a bagel into two equal halves which are linked like two links of a chain." And now you know how.
food  maths  mobiusstrip  bagel 
december 2009 by infovore
Try a new banana - Neven Mrgan's tumbl
"My guess is that you, dear reader, either like bananas or you love them. I love them. I’ve gone through three or four or more in a day, and rare is the day that I go without one. Whether you like them or love them, my guess is you’d be sad to see bananas disappear from your grocer’s shelves. This is entirely possible; in fact, a shortage of bananas, or a significant increase in their price, is virtually guaranteed." Some fascinating stuff on the state of bananas today.
bananas  agriculture  business  food  taste 
november 2009 by infovore The Best Fast Food Receipt
Receipt as information design. Cabel is right: why do you get this *after* the meal? Other than that: an interesting move, and good use of space.
health  food  information  design  informationdesign  nutrition 
october 2009 by infovore
Good Eats: A Whole Chicken In A Can - Geekologie
"Sweet Sue's Canned Whole Chicken (without giblets) is an entire cooked chicken in a can (a big one)." For reference: I am not whole chicken-in-a-can hungry.
food  canned  tin  chicken  revolting 
may 2009 by infovore
CR Blog » Blog Archive » Meet Mr Chicken
"You may not know his name but you will certainly know his work: Morris Cassanova (aka Mr Chicken) designs and makes signs for most of the fried chicken shops in the UK." That's a good market to have sewn up, I'd imagine.
design  uk  food  culture  branding  signage  friedchicken 
march 2009 by infovore
"Scans of sandwiches for education and delight." Yes.
blog  food  photography  awesome  sandwiches  scans 
march 2009 by infovore
This is why you're fat.
"where dreams become heart attacks" - photographs of revolting, calorie-drenched food "experiments".
blog  food  health  calories  cholesterol  disgusting 
march 2009 by infovore - The Meat Ship
"Arrrr me harteys. Thar be a meatship ahead in the oven.... Floating high on the 17,000 calorie seas, made with Bacon, sausages, pastry, mince, it's all meat, and it's coming to rape and pillage your arteries! Har har!" Uh-oh.
bacon  food  cooking  meat  heartattack 
february 2009 by infovore
The man who invented the doner kebab has died - Telegraph
"Mr Aygun once said: "I thought how much easier it would be if they could take their food with them." The first of the new snacks was served on March 2, 1971, at Hasir, his restaurant in Berlin. It was called a doner kebab after the Turkish word "dondurmek" which means a rotating roast." So now you know.
history  food  obituary  kebab  doner  donerkebab 
january 2009 by infovore
Foodie at Fifteen (now 16): Per Se (2)
"It was September 29th; exactly two months from the Saturday of Thanksgiving break and one of the few times I would be able to make the trek up to New York to dine at Per Se. I would have to call to make the reservation at Per Se at exactly 10 A.M today if I had any hope of getting that Saturday reservation. The only problem? I had school." Some lovely writing from a young foodie on securing a reservation at Per Se, and what happened when he went. And, of course, what he ate.
writing  food  cooking  blogs  perse  newyork  thomaskeller 
january 2009 by infovore
gewgaw » Mirror’s Edge
"When the mechanics are broken there - no matter what great ingredients or designs you had - the dish disappoints. Execution is very much part of the analysis there - as is service, mis-en-scene. Food is never evluated (in the Guide Micheline sense) out of context… but the mechanics are fundamental to everything else." Robin Hunicke on another parallel to games criticism; I think she might be onto something, and it's another good contribution to the mound of Mirrors' Edge coverage.
games  criticism  mirrorsedge  robinhunicke  food 
november 2008 by infovore
Simon Schama on the ultimate spaghetti bolognese | Life and style | The Guardian
"It's an easy, irresistible, almost childish pleasure: the ground meat dissolved into a dark blood-red sauce until they are one and the same; no hacking, slicing or cutting needed; a slurpy goodness; the oily bolognese hanging on to the slippery pasta; guaranteed joy in a world that's just ruled it out." Recipes for ragu.
bolognese  recipe  ragu  cooking  food 
november 2008 by infovore
"We’re just two regular guys who love grilling and football on Sunday afternoons, eating until we can’t get off the couch and of course, the taste of great bacon. And it’s our dream to make everything taste like bacon.", as the about page says. There are no words.
baconnaise  food  bacon  speechless 
november 2008 by infovore
Food and Flowers Go Boom. - A Photography Blog.
"The New York Times Magazine food issue had plenty of fun this weekend; Looks like photo editor Kathy Ryan gave photographer Martin Klimas a 22-caliber rifle and told him to embrace his anger. He decimated an ear of corn, an apple and a pumpkin so thoroughly that the editors could not decide on a favorite." Beautiful.
photography  food  fruit  flowers  vegetables 
october 2008 by infovore
My Quest to Build the Perfect Burger: Chefs + Restaurants :
"Our challenge now is to keep a very close eye on the mise en place, because if one cook changes even a little detail of one of the key ingredients—the width of the tomato slices, the amount of mustard on the bun—the harmony of these burgers is lost."
food  preparation  construction  burger  process 
july 2008 by infovore
Manual Page - pizza_party(1)
Man page for pizza_party: "pizza_party -pmx 2 medium regular \ Orders 2 medium regular crust pizzas with pepperoni, mushrooms, and extra-cheese." This is just pure awesome.
cli  food  unix  pizza  awesome  pureawesome  manpage 
june 2008 by infovore
Why the great British breakfast is a killer - Times Online
"You never see anyone with a degree eating a fry-up; they're too intelligent to consume it, says Times restaurant critic." What rot. Terrible article, lots of lazy journalism, somewhat sensationalist. Grr.
gilescoren  nonsense  bobbins  food  fryup  health  sensationalism  casualracism 
april 2008 by infovore
101 Things Every Cook Should Cook
Lots of simple, well-written recipes for a wide range of staple dishes. Definitely one for me to come back to - need to broaden the household recipe list, methinks...
food  blog  recipes  cookery  cooking 
october 2007 by infovore
Open Source Food
Delicious Food. Beautiful Photography. Created, rated and improved by you and fellow food-lovers from all over the world.
food  recipes  cooking  opensource  photography  kitchen  community 
june 2007 by infovore
Welcome to Bakers Edge - The Edge Brownie Pan
A brownie pan designed so that everybody gets an edge. Fab!
food  cooking  baking  kitchen  utensils  gadgets 
june 2007 by infovore
Unhappy Meals - Michael Pollan - New York Times
Eat food. Though in our current state of confusion, this is much easier said than done. So try this: Don’t eat anything your great-great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food.
nutrition  food  cooking  toread  diet  culture  society 
february 2007 by infovore
Rouxbe - The Recipe to Better Cooking
Subscription-based online cooking instruction videos. Looks good quality; whether it's a hit is something else. Still, good luck to them.
cooking  food  video  recipes  tutorial  instruction 
january 2007 by infovore
The Secret of Great Bread: Let Time Do the Work - New York Times
An ultra-simple recipe for breadmaking that replaces kneading with slow, long fermentation.
cooking  food  breadmaking  bread 
november 2006 by infovore
BBC - Food - Recipes - Salmon and asparagus open lasagne with lemon and chive hollandaise
Made this tonight - pretty good, though I'm praying my stomach liked that Hollandaise...
food  recipe  dinner 
february 2006 by infovore
UK5 Organics - Organic Food Home Delivery to London
Ooh - they deliver near me. And in the mornings, too. Exciting stuff.
food  organic  delivery 
january 2006 by infovore :: writing: The World's Best Nut Roast
Not usually one for nut roast, but this one seems like checking out.
food  recipe  vegetarian 
december 2005 by infovore
Corned-beef Hash with Fried Eggs
Nice anglicised version of this made with tinned corned beef.
food  recipe  hash 
february 2005 by infovore

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