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‘Making guitar pedals?! Freaking mental!’ – Steve Bragg, Empress Effects, and the ZOIA | E&T Magazine
Great, technical article about building music hardware. Empress really aren't messing around: Blackfin chips, smart board design and circuit architecture, and TDD for embedded code all in the mix. It's great that ZOIA is such a success for them.
fx  guitarpedals  pedals  music  synthesis  programming  instruments  embedded  firmware  empresseffects 
7 weeks ago by infovore
Getting Started with EFM32 Giant Gecko ARM Cortex-M3 - Microcontroller - eewiki
About the best code samples I've seen: simple, to the point, and beginning to wrap my head around the architecture of these things.
firmware  electronics  embedded  c  argh 
september 2017 by infovore
Ready, Set, Oscillate! - The Mind of Bill Porter
Really fast digitalwrites inside Arduino code on Atmel chips.
arduino  digital  io  timing  microcontroller  firmware 
january 2017 by infovore

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