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Martin Amis: My father's English language | Books | The Guardian
"Infamous will in fact now serve as the reigning shibboleth (or "test word", or giveaway). Anyone who uses it loosely, as I did, is making the following announcement: I write without much care and without much feeling. I just write like other people write" This is good, and sweet at the same time; nice to see a man's cares expressed so well by his son, who's not being an ass for once.
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may 2011 by infovore
"...Compares the magnitude of stuff. Like one guided missile destroyer costs as much as three million fluffy kittens."
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february 2011 by infovore
Philip Pullman calls time on the present tense | Books | The Guardian
"I want all the young present-tense storytellers (the old ones have won prizes and are incorrigible) to allow themselves to stand back and show me a wider temporal perspective. I want them to feel able to say what happened, what usually happened, what sometimes happened, what had happened before something else happened, what might happen later, what actually did happen later, and so on: to use the full range of English tenses." There's lots in here. I think it might be good; it is definitely interesting, and worth returning to.
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september 2010 by infovore
Hyperbole and a Half: The Alot is Better Than You at Everything
"The Alot is an imaginary creature that I made up to help me deal with my compulsive need to correct other people's grammar.  It kind of looks like a cross between a bear, a yak and a pug, and it has provided hours of entertainment for me in a situation where I'd normally be left feeling angry and disillusioned with the world." Lovely. I would like an alot of my own one day.
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april 2010 by infovore
Generations and Game Localization: An Interview with Alexander O. Smith, Steven Anderson and Matthew Alt
Really interesting interview on game localisation and translation, with lots of examples; from Euldamos, an academic journal on games.
localisation  translation  games  japanese  english  rpg  paper 
november 2009 by infovore
List of gairaigo and wasei-eigo terms - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"This is a selected list of gairaigo, Japanese words originating or based on foreign language (generally Western) terms, including wasei-eigo (Japanese pseudo-Anglicisms)." One of my new favourite Wikipedia pages; there is some fascinating stuff in here.
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august 2009 by infovore
How I Met My Wife
"It had been a rough day, so when I walked into the party I was very chalant, despite my efforts to appear gruntled and consolate." And so on.
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august 2009 by infovore
For Whiskey, Everything in Its Place - The Pour Blog -
"...after careful consideration [the editors in charge of style guidelines at the NYT] decided to alter our style. As of now, the spelling whisky will be used not only for Scotch but for Canadian liquor as well. The spelling whiskey will be used for all appropriate liquors from other sources." As it should be.
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february 2009 by infovore
BBC NEWS | UK | Councils ban use of Latin terms
Well, as long as they ban every other imported phrase. Stupid as this is, I think the comment that it's "the linguistic equivalent of ethnic cleansing" is a bit of an absurd, and somewhat insensitive, overstatement.
words  language  localgovernment  absurd  latin  english 
november 2008 by infovore
Module: ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Array::Conversions
Rails helper method of the day: to_sentence. Nicely executed!
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october 2006 by infovore

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