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ThinkGeek :: Pocket Retro Game Emulator
It looks like a GBA Micro; in fact, it's a portable multi-platform emulator, it's $100, and there's almost nothing you can do on it that isn't highly illegal. But if the hardware's manufactured well, it's a lot less faff than modding a PSP these days...
games  emulator  hardware  electronics  gadgets  dodgy  curious 
june 2009 by infovore
Boxer: The DOS game emulator that’s fit for your Mac.
"Boxer plays MS-DOS games on your Mac. It’s based on the robust DOSBox emulator, with a lot of magic sprinkled on top. Run DOS programs from Finder. Wrap your games into tidy packages that launch like Mac apps. Painlessly install games from CD—then bundle the CD with your game so you don't even need it in the drive."
mac  dos  emulation  emulator  dosbox  games  retro 
may 2009 by infovore
E-UAE Quick Guide
OSX Amiga emulator. Catching up with a few things I've never played.
osx  emulation  amiga  emulator  howto 
october 2006 by infovore

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