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Deliver Email With Amazon SES In A Rails app
Good to know SES can just be integrated as an ActionMailer delivery method.
aws  ses  rails  email 
august 2014 by infovore
A Beginner's Life - Setting Up HTML Emails in Rails
Seems like a reasonable set of tools to help out with this.
email  rails  htmlemail 
june 2014 by infovore
"MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface. Run mailcatcher, set your favourite app to deliver to smtp:// instead of your default SMTP server, then check out to see the mail that's arrived so far." Useful!
email  smtp  ruby  testing 
june 2014 by infovore
So far: much happier with this than I ever was with Sparrow; the shortcuts are the ones I need, and it handles plaintext. So going to try living with it for a bit.
app  mail  email  osx 
august 2013 by infovore
Simple Team Performance Management - iDoneThis
"Reply to an evening email reminder with what you did that day. The next day, get a digest with what everyone on the team got done." As a management style, I like that.
management  tools  productivity  email 
may 2013 by infovore
"My mom worries to unrational degree about my well being when I'm travelling. And she never reads her emails. So I decided to automate this process of informing my mom that I'm alive when I'm abroad. This small php script checks the ip address of the visitor calling it and if that ip address is not in Finland it'll generate a small email to my mom, mostly telling her where I am and that I'm alive. It does this emailing only once in 24 hours. This script is called from a small python script that runs in the background and tries to call this script every hour or so. So if I'm using my laptop (which I usually am) and I have internet connection this should automatically make me a better son." Hah!
parents  email  worry  travel 
march 2012 by infovore
"MockSMTP is a native Mac application that embeds its own SMTP server. It also features an e-mail client browser, enabling instant viewing of both raw content and HTML rendering, so you can see how your mail looks when delivered." What an excellent idea.
email  osx  smtp  testing  useful 
april 2011 by infovore
Modern Nerd - Solved: Gmail, iPad, iPhone, and multiple from addresses
Fantastic. If you're like me, and use One Gmail Account To Rule Them All, but use Mail as your email client, you can only use the main email address to send from. This allows you to pick a from address, making your mailing lists work again, and allowing you to pick the From address on send.
email  iphone  ipad  settings  hacks  gmail 
june 2010 by infovore
Pretend Office (Phil Gyford’s website)
"With no planning, we all started acting as if we were people in a real office. Almost immediately we began to adopt characters and send officious announcements. Soon we were referring to characters in the office who didn’t exist in real life. Meeting rooms were booked, couriers arrived, servers went down, timesheets were requested, and embarrassing emails were accidentally sent to everyone in the company." Phil is right; it's a wonderful, bonkers piece of improv-email theatre.
pretendoffice  improv  acting  offices  business  pretend  mailinglists  email  theatre 
may 2009 by infovore
InterText v5n1: Two Solitudes by Carl Steadman
A story, between two people, told through email. Not looking like email; actually, originally, told over email. Now, it can only be read in order - but once, it would have been delivered. Can't imagine how striking it might have been.
writing  narrative  fiction  stories  email  carlsteadman 
march 2009 by infovore
The New Productivity | A Better Course
"I don’t think I’ve read an article in the last year that speaks about email as much other than an irritant." This one, however, makes some very interesting claims.
productivity  office  work  mundanity  email  blog 
january 2008 by infovore
RailsJitsu - Acts as Subscribeable Rails Plugin
Looks useful - a plugin to generate email updates about things within your domain model.
rails  rubyonrails  ruby  email  plugin  programming 
december 2007 by infovore
Mailtrap helps you test ActionMailer: "Yesterday I mocked up the simplest, dumbest, Ruby SMTP server you can imagine. It speaks just enough SMTP to allow ActionMailer to make a connection and send it a message."
rails  ruby  rubyonrails  mail  testing  smtp  email 
october 2007 by infovore
"Sup is a console-based email client for people with a lot of email. It supports tagging, very fast full-text search, automatic contact- list management, custom code insertion via a hook system, and more." It's a bit like Mutt-meets-Gmail.
ruby  email  mail  client  imap 
october 2007 by infovore
cforms II » delicious:days
Really comprehensive Wordpress plugin for handling not just contact forms, but data-tracking forms of any kind. Customisable, reasonably nice output, and a good database admin that lets you spit out CSV. Recommended.
wordpress  plugin  form  development  software  tracking  email 
october 2007 by infovore
Anymails - Visualization of my email inbox |
Beautiful: "Anymails is a visualization of my received emails... An unread email is hairy and swims fast; a read email has less hair and does not swim so fast anymore; a responded email is hairless and barely moves."
flash  processing  visualization  email  dataviz  infoviz 
august 2007 by infovore
Colored Diffs :: Thunderbird Add-ons
Colours svn/cvs diffs when you get them in your Thunderbird inbox. In a word: nice.
svn  cvs  versioncontrol  thunderbird  email 
july 2007 by infovore
OliveToast - Purveyors of fine Macintosh software
"Just as the mini-player in iTunes does for music; MiniMail puts information about your inbox at your fingertips. You can easily see messages as they arrive, and quickly action them." Want!
mac  osx  email  application  software 
june 2007 by infovore
Letterbox: Widescreen Plugin for | | Aaron
Might come in handy should I ever get one of them widescreen notebooks.
mail  osx  application  plugin  email  mac  layout 
november 2006 by infovore » MsgFiler
MsgFiler is a plug-in for Apple Mail which quickly files emails into existing mailbox folders.
email  mac  mail  software  osx  application  productivity 
november 2006 by infovore
Slow Mail
Julian Bleecker on potential (slower) alternatives to email.
email  research  idea  theory 
april 2006 by infovore

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