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DDS AHDSR for 5U modulars | MidiSizer
ATmega / DAC based envelope generator. Filed for reference.
microcontroller  electronics  synthesizer  diy 
april 2017 by infovore
P6: DIY, virtual-analog polysynth; €200 with case in a kit. Looks really nice - sounds good, too, and has a warmth to it.
diy  electronics  synth  synthesizer 
january 2015 by infovore
Shruthi-1, 4-Pole Mission edition | Mutable instruments
Oooh, the Shruthi got an upgrade: not just white PCBs, but an interesting new filter board. Seriously tempted by one of these.
opensource  synthesizer  electronics  shruthi1 
april 2012 by infovore
Bleep Labs » Thing-a-ma-kits!
"Now noisy makers can assemble and modify their own light controlled analog noise friend!" I want an analog noise friend.
toys  synthesizer  music  project  hardware  electronics  sound  noise 
september 2008 by infovore

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