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Kinetic Sculpture Blends Bizarre Mix of House Beats and Lego Bricks | MAKE
Alex Allmont's "Play House" is brilliant. I'd seen his Clunky Drummer, but this is lovely - really like the emphasis on analogue, from contact mics onwards, and on making it as legible as possible. Also, his work-in-progress videos are lovely.
lego  modularsynthesis  electronics  house  music  alexallmont  kinetic  sculpture 
april 2014 by infovore
YouTube - Lego Hello World
Microcontrolled Lego printer, running off some kind of postscript driver, I guess. Properly awesome - and, of course, the most important thing is all the little chaps that keep it working.
printer  lego  hardware  electronics 
june 2010 by infovore
Yoshi AKAI - Lego Step Sequencer
"The Lego Step-sequencer is 3 channels 8 steps sequencer. The different coloured Lego pieces each have their own sound. Connecting the Lego three-dimensional makes complex sound. This is building sound more than playing sound."
music  lego  stepsequencer  hardware  electronics 
march 2010 by infovore

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