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'Generation gap will hurt studios,' says Seamus Blackley | Game Development | News by Develop
"'taking three great graduates and putting them to work on the next Godfather game... is a fine business decision, but the perspective for us is that it is a much better idea to take these three guys who perhaps have a beautiful idea and a different way of working, protect them a little bit as they build up a new idea and a new way of looking at things and a new way of design - and a few years from now they will be a much better business," Blackley explained. "In the '90s there was no mechanism to do that - and we lost a generation of designers. I think its important we look to reclaim that new generation.'"
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april 2009 by infovore
Changing the Game
"Changing the Game (order via Amazon or B&N) is a fast-paced tour of the many ways in which games, already an influential part of millions of people’s lives, have become a profoundly important part of the business world. From connecting with customers, to attracting and training employees, to developing new products and spurring innovation, games have introduced a new level of fun and engagement to the workplace.

Changing the Game introduces you to the ways in which games are being used to enhance productivity at Microsoft, increase profits at Burger King, and raise employee loyalty at Sun Microsystems, among other remarkable examples. It is proof that work not only can be fun--it should be." I shall have to check this out.
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december 2008 by infovore
n+1: interview with a hedge fund manager
""the people who make huge money, the George Soroses and Julian Robertsons of the world, they’re the people who can step back and see when the paradigm is going to shift, and I think that comes from having a broader experience"
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january 2008 by infovore

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