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Mastermind at 50: The Mysterious Origins of the Codebreaking Board Game - VICE
Great piece of games journalism from Duncan Fyfe: the history and legacy of Mastermind. Wide-ranging, great bits of research. Love it.

"The earliest reference to Bulls and Cows is in the work of Dr. Frank King. In 1968, King was studying for a PhD in electrical engineering at Cambridge University and looking for something to implement on the university's Titan computer, which had recently been equipped with Multics, a time-sharing operating system allowing multiple users to access one computer concurrently and remotely.

Thinking a game would be enjoyable, and something more sophisticated than Tic-Tac-Toe even better, King wrote a version of a childhood puzzle. "Good grief, you've implemented Bulls and Cows," he remembers other students saying, though he called it MOO."
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Life Starts Here: High Society
“This is who we are.” Duncan Fyfe is writing again; twelve short stories - presumably, one a month - set in the world of games. Writing fiction about something as a way of writing about something; he ends up with not only good - and acute - games writing, but just good writing, plain and simple. So good to have him back.
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january 2010 by infovore
Hit Self-Destruct: Domestic City, Part One
Wonderful, delightful, charming writing from Duncan Fyfe; this, and the eight chapters that follow it, are pretty essential, and they're nice and brief. Speculative fiction about games, culture, and the future. And fandom.
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