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OMATA: A Modern Mechanical Design Approach | Stinner Frameworks
It's great to see Omata leaking into the world, and I enjoyed this for the early sketches, the playful renderings, and the box of prototypes, as much as the interview.
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april 2016 by infovore
Small hello to Little Printer - rodcorp
"Looking at the Little Printer, I feel a little bit like I do about the cats and Ada's toys - I want to pick it up and give it a cuddle. I do not feel that way about our Samsung MNL-2855ND laser printer in the office. A different thing, in a different place, used differently. I hope BERG will do a Little Eye sibling."
empathy  rod  berg  littleprinter  devices  objects  design 
august 2012 by infovore
russell davies: cheapfuturefashionfomatics
"This is the S2H replay; an activity monitor/pedometer thing that does a similar job to the fitbit. Except it feels way more like the future than the fitbit because it's cheap, fashiony and simple. And you they'll actually deliver one outside the US." I like "fashiony" as both an adjective and a watchword. The S2H sounds pretty nifty, too, and Russell's write-up is great...
fitness  s2h  pedometer  devices 
february 2010 by infovore
Brought to book: some subtleties of social interaction « – Matt Edgar
"But I think to succeed eReaders need to meet the needs, not just of the direct user, but of those around them, the friends and family who may not welcome their loved one’s absorption in this exciting new media. They are the “next largest context” within which the new device must win acceptance... The first question [with a digital device] is no longer “what are you reading?” It’s “what are you doing?” – a question that somehow already carries a hint of reproach."
ereader  books  tablet  digital  interaction  devices 
january 2010 by infovore

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