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SOICbite Programming/Debug Connector Footprint |
"It's cheaper than a Tag Connect and may even be smaller."

Using a SOIC-8 debug clip as a two-sided programmer. Clever!
electronics  programmer  debug 
6 weeks ago by infovore
weinre - Home
"It's a debugger for web pages, like FireBug (for FireFox) and Web Inspector (for WebKit-based browsers), except it's designed to work remotely, and in particular, to allow you debug web pages on a mobile device such as a phone." Blimey. That's, um, remarkably useful. Duly noted.
debug  ios  mobile  console  web  development  webkit 
october 2011 by infovore
Surfin’ Safari - Blog Archive » Web Inspector Redesign
Web Inspector gets an overhaul; it's looking pretty nice, now.
webkit  safari  web  browser  development  tools  debug 
october 2008 by infovore
John Resig - Deep Profiling jQuery Apps
"I've come up with a plugin that you can inject into a jQuery site that you own and see how the performance breaks down method-by-method." Once again, John is awesome.
debug  debugging  development  javascript  jquery  programming  profiling  web  analysis 
june 2008 by infovore

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