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resistance in the materials « Bethany Nowviskie
Bookmarked mainly for its unpicking of that William Morris quote at the top - where it comes from, what he meant, and what he was talking about.
williammorris  making  materials  design  craft  hands  typewriters 
november 2015 by infovore
Rod McLaren — Hand & Brain — Medium
"The characteristic grid-like simplicity of the view, the absence of barriers… a landscape where nothing officially exists, absolutely anything becomes thinkable, and may consequently happen… — that’s Reyner Banham describing deserts, though I like to imagine he was looking at a spreadsheet." Rod's component of By Hand & By Brain is just wonderful.
rodmclaren  writing  craft  spreadsheets  making  imagining  mirrorworlds 
july 2015 by infovore
Laura Potter — Hand & Brain — Medium
"Having to learn how to make something ‘the long way’ helps you to understand how to manipulate materials at a fundamental level. It means that you can become fluent. The ability to articulate your thoughts through and with matter, rather than just make it into a shape you have thought of, means that you are more likely to find innovative or creative ways to exploit both materials and machinery. This is true whether you are talking about traditional craft techniques or more contemporary (digital) ways of making: I don’t think you can avoid the notion that time and effort are the only way to get good at something. Using digital technology as a way to shortcut the temporal aspects of craftsmanship is effectively relegating these sources of immense creative potential to the category of ‘labour saving devices’. I am really looking forward to a time where we can fully appreciate the potential for modern digital craftsmanship, by which I mean the skilful manipulation of digital systems as ‘matter’, rather than as express facilitators of shiny objectness." yes-yes-yes-yes.
laurapotter  design  craft  manufacture 
july 2015 by infovore
Radiator Blog: Embarrassed silence
"Once everyone got on-board with "anyone can make video games", then the weird leap in logic was, "who wouldn't want to make video games," and worse, "who wouldn't want to solely live off their video games?"" This is all lovely from Robert - especially noting that making art is not incompatible with, separately, working, and that creative endeavours do not have to be our sole life's work. (And: that doing things not full-time does not devalue them in the slightest!)
robertyang  greatasalways  games  work  craft  life 
april 2015 by infovore
BOMB Magazine — The George Saunders Interview, Part 1 by Patrick Dacey
Cracking interview with George Saunders, from 2011 (so pre-Tenth of December). Lots about the craft of writing, and about what Just Turning Up looks like. Also, his imaginary writing class in which Hemingway punches everybody out made me laugh out loud.
writing  shortstories  fiction  craft  georgesaunders 
september 2014 by infovore
Ray Finch obituary | Art and design | The Guardian
"Finch realised what he really wanted to do; to "make things people could both use and enjoy"." Yes, that.
rayfinch  gloucestershire  winchcombe  pottery  craft  making 
february 2012 by infovore
"KNiiTTiiNG uses the Nintendo Wii to knit. KNiiTTiiNG was created by an artist and an engineer turned behavioral scientist." Says coming soon; presumably some kind of homebrew - Wii or Wii controllers, I ask? - but worth a link for the delicious pun in the title.
games  knitting  wii  craft  pun 
march 2009 by infovore
Relevant History: Reflections on tinkering
"As we move into a world in which we can manufacture things as cheaply as we print them, the skills that tinkerers develop-- not just their ability to play with stuff, or to use particular tools, but to share their ideas and improve on the ideas of others-- will be huge." Lots of good reflections from "Tinkering As A Mode Of Knowledge".
tinkering  hacking  technology  making  opensource  building  craft  prototyping  learning  education 
november 2008 by infovore
Versus CluClu Land: How Game Design is like Architecture
"Well-designed games make us forget the technical impediments to the enjoyment of art, and this is more than half the battle."
games  play  design  architecture  compromise  craft 
september 2008 by infovore
The Amazing Wooden Mirror [pics] | Environmental Graffiti
"a tiny camera gathers light and shape data, before sending it to a computer that processes it and uses hundreds of tiny electric motors to shift the wood blocks into the image in front of the device. Subtle gradations of shade are achieved by both the natural grain of the wood and the angle at which they are displayed, casting shadow if necessary." Beautiful.
wood  mirror  technology  art  visualisation  design  interaction  craft 
august 2008 by infovore
technology is what makes us human
"What I want to argue is that humans are uniquely talented at ‘thinking with our hands’, and its wrong to discard ‘intuitive’ engineering as a historical curiosity." Tim Hunkin, on fire, about the importance of making.
engineering  tools  technology  making  design  craft  craftsmanship  writing  essay  timhunkin 
june 2008 by infovore
Software Craftmanship: Apprentice to Journeyman [Software Craftsmanship]
Exciting-looking new title from O'Reilly, being developed and written via a wiki. Interesting seeing the emergence of several titles on software engineering as craft rather than science at the moment.
software  development  engineering  programming  craft  education  learning 
february 2008 by infovore
[this is aaronland] Things I Am Not Talking About
Aaron had two talks turned down; both, from their abstracts alone, sound fascinating; from his fuller explanations, they sound like they had the potential to be fantastic. Still reeling from some ideas. Disappointed there's not space for this in the world
internet  making  art  culture  craft  talk  presentation  abstract 
december 2007 by infovore

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